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A Compare And Contrast Essay On Batman And Iron Man

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Nowadays, we can see so many hero type people in our society. Different culture and different countries will appear different types of hero. Hero gave us confident and we can trust them. I have chosen two heroes to compare and contrast based on cultural aspect and what they act. The two heroes are The Batman and Iron Man.

In movies, the image of hero is very clear. They are strong in muscle; fight the bad guy to save to world and they have girl friend or lover. Their physical fitness is very good with well body shape. The two heroes are in western culture. Compare with the heroes in Asian Culture, the way to protect the one you love is the same. The image is to meet the target until die which shows the masculine characteristics.

For Batman, he is a famous person with high social class. His image is a successful businessman and on the other hand he is a hero to save the city. He is very strong and well body shape. When he catches the thief, he acts independently. He will not ask for help and refuse the others involve although he gets hurt. He is very clever and very calm. He will first plan before he takes action.

For Iron Man, he is also a famous person with high social class. He is weapon producer and a director of company. Before he becomes a super hero he is just the one who creates weapons. He is clever but sometimes he is quite rash that he do not plan before he act.

In western culture, heroes are the one who gave us positive power to fight for the bad things until the end. And those heroes are always presented by Male. Batman and Iron Man are strong in muscle but the power that they can save the world is based on they have money or not. Because they are the rich people and they have their own company, they have resources to buy materials to produce their suit to protect themselves. But without the suit, are they still become a hero ?

Batman image is very clear that the one who want to become a batman must be male; rich and well muscle. If we change the character to woman, we will not feel Batman is masculine. Although the woman can do all the things same as what the man did, it also not suitable. In the society, we assume that the one who can feel confidence to step out to become a hero and saving the world must be man. I am not saying that woman cannot do the same thing or better than man. It is the cultural value that start from we born, everything we learnt or what we saw are giving out the same message that what things should man do and what things should woman do. For example, movies; books and Television programme.

Compare with Iron Man, the similarity is both heroes need the suit to protect them when they go to save the world. They become heroes are not what they actually wants. They want to catch the bad guy that they cannot do it in a legal way. Therefore, they need to wear the mask to escape from caught by the police and affect their class in the society. But at the same time, people will appreciate that heroes...

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