The Westboro Baptist Church And Their Ideologies Aganist Homosexuals

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Have you ever thought something was unjust, but every one around you believed otherwise? For many years marriage was seen as a religious and legal contract between a man and a woman. However, in recent years the American population has accepted in increasing numbers the idea that homosexuality exists and is equal. Although the majority of states do not allow same-sex marriage, today there are fifteen states that allow homosexual couples the right to get married, and they also receive all the rights that a heterogeneous couple have. Even if states don’t have marriages, many states may have domestic partnerships or civil unions as alternatives. To those combating the injustice to homosexuals and those in favor of homosexual activities these civil unions and domestic partnerships aren’t enough. On the other hand, we see the stance that the Westboro Church has taken in their hatred of homosexuals. Although the majority of people are in support of gay marriage, including myself, I think it is important to understand the opposition. Therefore, I decided to write my final report on the Westboro Baptist Church and their ideologies against homosexuals, Jews, Catholics, and the military. The main focus will obviously be the church’s feelings against homosexuality because many of their rallies focus on that issue.
Who does the Westboro Baptist Church consist of? What do they believe? Well, In 1955 Fred Phelps created the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) in Topeka, Kansas. The Westboro Baptist church follows the primitive Baptist tradition, which contains a very conservative ideology and practice. In the eyes of many people this congregation is considered extremist and labeled a cult because their idea of an injustice goes against popular belief. The Westboro Baptist Church mostly protests and condemns homosexuality. They believe it is an injustice to God’s plan, and they have the illusion that America’s social liberalism is bringing our country down. The perceive homosexuality to be unjust because they interpret the bible in a literal context; if the bible doesn’t mention or states the hatred for something the WBC will hate those things.
Although the Westboro Baptist Church mainly focuses on fighting against homosexuality, they also believe other injustices are occurring in the American Society against Jesus Christ. They are passionately strong opponents of the military and Jewish institutions. The Westboro Baptist Church focuses on the hatred and wrath of God rather than the idea that he loves every one. This Church is not associated with any other Baptist church and sees their movement as saving America from judgment day. They have a strong feeling that judgment day will be in front of our nation faster than expected because we are living our lives against the bible. We have navigating so far left that we no longer represent the ideas of God. The WBC puts God’s words on a pedestal, and if one does not follow it perfectly they will go to hell.
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