Plans And Letter To Attend Medical School

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It is the fall of 1998, I still remember that year vividly. I went to second grade in a public school close by my home in India where the teachers were unsympathetic and punitive. One hot summer day, the teacher called ‘Mathivadana’... wanting me to answer a math question because I could not give the correct answer she made me stand outside in hundred degree burning sunshine. It was just a few minutes before this new feeling took over - dry and foggy eyes, head twisting and turning and everything fuzzy. Next thing I knew I woke up crying, like I was woken up from the dead. I had fainted. This was not the first or the last time, I have fainted often since then. I have taken so many MRI’s and CT scans to diagnose what causes these fainting spells, but the real cause is still unknown. Maybe when I become a doctor, I can find the real reason and help others with the same problem. But being part of the medical field has always been in my thoughts and pursuing this path of career has always been my dreams since elementary school when someone asked me “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
After graduating high school, I enrolled in the University of Central Florida majoring in Microbiology and Molecular Biology. I am a vivacious, independent young man, who loves to learn new things and finding out more information to satisfy my curiosities about life and world, itself. I really enjoy working with people and especially in clinical settings. I also love learning and you never stop learning as a doctor, a health care field is satisfying and fulfilling; most importantly, I hearty enjoy the patient doctor interactions. Ruling out other career paths has only paved my decision in becoming a medical doctor….doctor­ to narrow down my career that I will love for the next forty years of my life.
For the past year, I have done activities to assure myself that the medical doctor is my career choice. This includes working and shadowing a professional medical doctor; the experience was very helpful and educational because I was able to see what the job is really about. I got an opportunity to work with Dr. Jamandas, a cardiologist who welcomed me with open arms when I had told him about my future plans during the interview process for the non-profit Generation OM scholarship before joining UCF. On the first day of shadowing with Dr. Jamandas, I loved how he was very fluent, honest, informative, very kind, jovial and extremely understanding with his patients which...

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