Living A Jublant Life Essay

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I believe in loving myself for who I am, as well as keeping an uncluttered mind to the world and all it has to offer. Enjoying the little things in life, never giving up on dreams and hopes, and giving everything 100% percent are objectives I tend to live by day to day. Love, happiness, and knowledge are all crucial to living a jubilant life. Knowledge is power. With knowledge, you indeed have power over things. How you apply knowledge to life determines the type of power you have. Knowledge is the grease and fuel for a machine, without the two nothing can be done. As we seek knowledge, our minds are searching and roving to grasp concepts to keep us educated. The first step is acquiring knowledge. According to philosophers there are two ways as to acquiring knowledge. Those two ways are through reason, and through sense experience. An individual first inquires knowledge through his/her own mind and logic. We as individuals must ask ourselves do we possess any knowledge. Of course, there are things we all attain information on, but how did we attain it? Epistemology, the philosophical study of knowledge, examines how we seem to know things. How we attain knowledge is a mind boggling question. Philosophers have been attempting to come up with and search for an answer for decades. We value knowledge simply because it aids us in succeeding and reaching our goals as humans. Yet, knowledge helps us to learn of the world and how to live in it. When you begin to educate yourself, you learn new things that others aren’t aware of. When you have the upper hand on things you tend to make better decisions, as well as create more intelligent thoughts to improve your life. As you improve your life, knowledge gives the power to give off knowledge to others. In a sense, you are helping both yourself and others. When giving off knowledge to others, you become a more memorable individual. Knowledge creates a chain effect. With knowledge more options are available to you each and every day. For example, the more valuable of an individual you become the more people will want to be involved and in connection with you. This will make them want to work with you and introduce you to others who can provide you with opportunities which can lead to jobs, recognition etc....

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