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Shortage Of Qualified Workers In The Medical Field

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The majority of Baby boomers will be retiring over the next twenty years. There currently are thirty nine million individuals who are sixty five years of age or older as indicated in the United States Census bureau.”(Hodges) There has been a significant increase in the population of individuals sixty years and older within the United States over the past two to three decades. These individuals will demand an wide array of programs and services to meet their physical, psychological, emotional, financial and spiritual needs on a regular basis. There unfortunately will be a shortage of qualified workers in the medical and helping profession to diagnosis and treat the various effects of aging on the human body. The recent passing of my grandmother due to an aggressive form of lung cancer has enlightened me upon the notion of quality versus quantity of life. I was deeply saddened to observe my grandmother take her last breathe in a nearby hospital located in Charleston South Carolina. There are numerous American individuals that are constantly encountering the debilitating consequences that are directly due to an immediate family member being diagnosed with varying forms of aggressive cancer. The advances in modern medicine has prolonged the longevity of human beings. In addition there are constraints to human longevity due to various factors such as the effects of aging, stress of daily living, rising costs of receiving effective medical treatments and the federal government continuing to mitigate the level of funding that local, state and national community resources and organizations receive to aid various Soc-economic, minority and ethnic groups. The Area Agency on Aging is strategically located in numerous communities, towns and cities on a national scale. There are approximately six hundred and twenty nine Area Agency on Aging situated throughout the United States. The National Agency On Aging is a federal program that focuses upon the effects of aging, organizations, groups and the services that specifically focus upon the physical , psychological, emotional, financial and spiritual well being of seniors.
Organizational Structure and Environment:
The Trident Area Agency on Aging is constituted as an non profit 501 (c)3 organization. This institution is considered an non public entity that receives financial assistance from endowments, contributions and federal funding. The agencies funding originates from various community leaders and also from the local, state and federal government. The mission statement for Trident Area Agency On Aging: “is to enhance the quality of life for older adults , adults with disabilities and caregivers living within the Trident Area which consists of Charleston, Berkeley and Dorechester counties.”(Aging) The Trident Agency is the primary organization in the Low Country for facilitating agreements with various local contractors that will aid in administrating food being ...

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