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The Golden Gate Bridge is “considered to be one of the best and most beautiful examples of bridge design” (Poel and Royakkers 110). Unfortunately, this bridge is also "the US's most popular place to commit suicide" (110). Due to this fact, bridge designers decided that they needed to consider the option of installing some sort of suicide prevention system. Before any decision was made, the ramifications of both implementing a system and not implementing one had to be considered. Deciding whether or not to implement a system calls for an in-depth analysis of the ethics. One must identify the ethical dilemmas present, and provide analysis on the effects on all the stakeholders involved.
The suicide barrier presents numerous ethical dilemmas that one must consider in order to make the decision regarding the construction of the barrier with the best outcome. The text describes ethics as “the systematic reflection on morality,” and describes moral dilemmas as “a moral problem with the crucial feature that the agent has only two [or a limited number of] options for action and that whatever he chooses he will commit a moral wrong” (Poel and Royakkers 71, 138). Using these descriptions, an ethical dilemma would be a situation that involves more than one morally just action, where the choosing any action will still result in some moral wrong. The most significant of these dilemmas would be the conflict between hindering an individual’s free will and upholding the sacredness of human life. By the no harm principle, “one is free to do what one wishes, as long as no harm is done to others,” therefore everyone should have the right to free will and should be able to choose whether they wish to take their own life or not (85). However on the other side, every life is considered sacred and therefore it is a moral responsibility to prevent lives from being lost. The next dilemma faced is whether the barrier would effectively reduce suicides or just promote their occurrence in other locations. The bridge designers had a moral responsibility to do what was right, but if constructing a barrier merely results in suicides by other means, then the problem still remains unsolved. The last dilemma faced is whose life is of more value, those who use the bridge for transportation or those who use it for suicide. This is a dilemma because “the screen might create dangerous wind resistance and make the bridge structurally unstable,” which increases the risk of those who use the bridge for transportation (111). Although this risk is undoubtedly small, it still places a vastly larger amount of people in danger. This is known because there is an “average of 20 to 25 [deaths] per year” by suicide, yet a larger number of vehicles, which have the possibility of containing more than one passenger, pass over the bridge every minute ("Traffic/Toll Data" 1). The resulting dilemma is whether one should slightly increase the risk for millions of people in order to...

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