What We Are Looking For In Our Caregivers At Shivani's Taj Mahal Learning Daycare For Infants

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Welcome families of our future generation. You have now entered Shivani’s Taj Mahal of learning daycare for infants. Walking through the doors of enlightenment for you infant’s future. Our daycare offers learning at every turn for your growing infant. For instance, our walls will teach your child their primary colors (red, blue and yellow) and shapes in secondary colors (purple, green, and orange). We will also provide the five essential characteristic that every high quality day care should imply in it’s own daycare.
Shivani’s Taj Mahal of learning daycare for infants implements the five essential characteristics which we will first explain adequate attention to each infant. The text states, that this is morally known as a small group of infants (no more than five) needs two reliable, familiar, loving caregivers."(p. 216) We find that it’s very crucial and many daycares do not realize it. The caregiver / child ratio is 1 caregiver to every 2 children with a maximum group size of 8 children; this will provide enough attention for developmental needs for each child. The infant/toddler materials guide explains “ all children have individual strengths, need, and interests and these should be taken into consideration when selecting and arranging materials… When serving young children with special needs, some environmental rearrangement might be necessary to adequately accommodate an individual child’s needs.” For example, a child who is more likely to be triggered by loud sounds might need an environment that includes furniture that absorbs noises. Our daycare includes flexibility to all parents and infants as needed under these different circumstances. Moving onto “ freedom of speech” which starts with language for our infants.
Encouragement of language and sensorimotor development is the second essential characteristic we use. The chart says, “Infants need language songs, conversations, and positive talk- and easily manipulated toys.” (p.216) As we stated before, our daycare will allow your infant to learn at ever turn which is a true acquisition but, to enhance learning we will use materials with bright colors and keep the walls and floors a neutral color to make the space less chaotic for the children. “This minimizes the risk of overstimulation of infants.”(Infant/Toddlers) “Language skills will be fostered through the use of Sign Language, reading stories, singing songs, and through daily communication with the children.”(Infant Program) This will help develop the child gross and large motor skills that include walking, crawling and pulling up. They will improve their fine and small motor skills development by manipulative exercise activities, like fiddling with play dough, puzzles, piano keys, or simply practicing picking up items. By using certain toys for different advancements will help boost your infants ability to bloom. The number one rule for any environment that deals will serving of people need to maintain health and safety....

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