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Every step in my life has being important to me because it will help determine the future that awaits for me at the end of my journey. Choosing a theoretical orientation is an important decision for me as a graduate student working towards becoming a licensed professional counselor. After being introduced to several theoretical orientations, it was difficult to make a final decision of which one to choose because each one had ideas that I agree with. When reading these theories I realize that many of them had views that I agree or believe by, which made it more difficult to choose one in specific. At first, person-centered by Carl Rogers captivated my attention by his view and the way he develop the theory. He believed that no one was born to be devious towards others and I agree with him (Rogers, 1961). I believe no one is born with the intent to hurt others, but certain experiences that individuals experienced throughout their lives may cause them to do harm to others. One time, I saw a picture illustrating a white baby in a bus touching the hand of a black male who was sitting down next to his mother. The mother seemed to have a disgust face while looking away avoiding eye contact with the man. The picture said, “no one is born racist,” and in that moment I thought about the importance of what children are being exposed every day and the importance of what parents teach their children about life. Holdstock & Rogers (1977) mentioned that each individual is biologically and psychologically unique, which helps each person experienced their environment in their own distinctive way. I agree that each person is unique in their own special way, but at the end of the day each individual chooses to be different from others to either do a positive or negative impact in this world.
Although, I agree with many perspectives of person-centered, I like to keep an open mind to other theories that I continue to be exposed while in my graduate program. I believe that it is
vital to keep an open perspective about others people views in order to keep learning from mistakes, gaining more knowledge, and have the opportunity to know more about yourself every day. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) is another theory that got my attention while learning about theories. Albert Ellis, the founder of REBT believed that individuals were disturbed by the way they view things not by the actual things. He also believed that individuals who have irrational beliefs will create their own emotional disturbances (Sharf, 2008). In other words, an individual who tends to have irrational thinking will eventually become his or her worst critique or enemy within themselves. I believe that if people tend to think negatively about themselves or everything that surrounds them, they will eventually attract only negative things to their lives. I really like this theory because it focus on how to decreased self-defeating thoughts in order to help an individual...

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