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Research Paper: Solar Energy

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Solar Energy
The world consumes larger numbers of energy every year and it is growing. Current limited energy resources used in world are coming from oil, natural coalmine and liquid gas. Growth in world population and commercial revolution require lots of energy sources. In today's energy requirement for industrial boom and awareness to environmental concern, investigation for alternative use of non-renewable and polluting fossil fuels require. The best possible power source is energy from sun. A solar ray in form of heat and delivered in universe is the power emitted from sun as electromagnetic radiation. This solar rays travel towards the surface of earth and if collected properly, a little portion of that heat rays is more than enough energy to power the whole world. The solar ray, which travel and absorbs by universe can be raw material or food to produce major power sources for modern devices. Solar energy can be used in a number of ways. World consume solar rays as renewable energy; important information to know is collectors, application and benefits of solar energy.
The Earth naturally receives and stores solar radiations in lakes, seas, trees, and in the upper layer of earth. Humans on earth use solar energy for variety of reasons. There are many industrial instruments and process, which require heat or electric energy as raw materials. Many places use direct solar emitted heat rays as energy, but to store in other form of energy requires a particular type of devices to collect, convert and store. Many devices serve to receive and store solar heats, but the most affordable and popular solar energy collectors are Solar Ponds, Parabolic Troughs and Photovoltaic systems.

Solar Ponds
Human use many ways to store any kind of valuable resources to keep it safe for longer period of time. People build big ponds to collect water from rivers and rain. Lakes receive solar rays, absorb it and waste some water, because hotter water moves from bottom to top and get evaporated. H2O is bed heat mover, so if water movement get blocked, hotness may be captured at ground of any designed lakes. Solar pond is simply a pool of saltwater layers; with upper surface hold minimum sodium chloride, intermediate with salt gradient and ground part store more sodium chloride contents. A salt pond operated in a manner with less saltiness at upper region and underneath has really stronger saltiness. Due to bad heat conducting principal ground water never reach to top surface, and don’t lose any water. A well maintained ponds, can store heat over 100 degrees Celsius at ground layer. This type of strong solution of salt and water of ground area, can easily moved out of solar ponds, and used as heat energy source or to generate electric power (Pimentel, 2008). Any lake can be easily converted into solar ponds to store massive amount of heat energy. Heat energy can be used in many industrial processes and able to reduce electricity bills half anywhere...

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