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A cluster of poems occurs when one or two additional poems are written to compare the way the reader should interpret the original poem based on the second, and potentially the third author’s usage of certain literary devices. Since the second poem, or in the case of three poems, since the second and third poems, are responses to the original poem, the original poem is often written first. An example of a cluster would be Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening,” and Thylias Moss’ “Interpretation of a Poem by Frost.” Frost’s usage of voice and tone, allows the reader to interpret the poem in a completely different manner than the way Thylias Moss interprets it and suggests the reader interpret it using voice, tone, argument, and cultural and historical references.
The voice of the speaker in “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening,” is that of an individual that is stressed out or overwhelmed. He or she just needs to take a mental break from everything and, “stop by the words/to watch [them] fill with snow.” The reader knows that this person needs to take this mental break based upon how long they stay there. He or she stays in the woods so long that their horse “give his harness bells a shake/to ask if there is some mistake.” In other words, the horse is confused; here he stands in these woods “without a farmhouse near [and] the only other sound [he hears, aside from his own bells, are,] the sweep of easy wind and [a] downy flake.” This sense of being overwhelmed, and needing to take a mental break in order to remain sane, is something any reader can relate to, whether they have had a stressful day at work, a parent is using the poem as an example to show a child who has had a temper tantrum that they are being punished because they choose to handle being overwhelmed in the wrong way, or a student that has so much work, he or she has to pull an all nighter. In all of these aforementioned situations, the person is stressed out and/or overwhelmed with emotions and in order to remain sane, at some point, he or she will need to take a mental break from reality and stop and smell the roses.
The tone the poem creates once the reader has finished reading it, is that of serenity, tranquility, and peace. The poem starts with an overwhelmed individual, but because he or she handled that sense of being overwhelmed in the way they did, it makes the reader feel calm even if they were not overwhelmed. For example, reading the last two lines of stanza two, “Between the woods and frozen lake/The darkest evening of the year,” the reader can visualize the beauty of nature and the beauty – the beautiful snowy woods, and the frozen lake – create a serene, tranquil, and calm environment. Whereas, if the speaker spent the entire poem taking about why he or she felt overwhelmed, instead of how they dealt with it, the tone of the poem would be the opposite, and the reader would visualize what was making them overwhelmed and in turn, become overwhelmed....

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