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How Robotics Could Take Over The World

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How would today’s world be if the technology that is known and loved by millions suddenly vanished? Could the world re-adapt to the lack of technology, or would it plummet into Darkness and Despair? In actuality, if someone can develop artificial intelligences to a certain limit he or she can prevent many of the world’s future problems. In a sense, Mankind can benefit greatly from the further use and development of Artificial Intelligence although some people would have one believe that the further development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can endanger large areas around the world.
The further development of artificial intelligence and other cybernetic technologies are highly beneficial to the global society due to the constant movement and push of science, math, and technology. These advancements will allow for more job opportunities in the field of science and technology, which in turn can allow more money to flow into the economy of not only the United States, but also the different economies around the world. As we see in the Japan at the University of Tokyo robots and the different aspects of their maturation (Stone). Japan has always been ahead of the American population as far as technological advances are concerned. They have created robots, computers, and computer software that are far more intelligent and comprehensible than the majority of first world citizens. These robots and computer programs are just a minor example of what artificial intelligences can do for the human population. The uses of robots are important when pertaining to things such as the social and educational topics. They can do some of the things that the average human would not enjoy doing. An example of an activity in this category would be the constant taking care of and watching of the elderly. There are robots in places such as England, Lyon, and Japan that posses the abilities to actually help people, despite the common stereotype that states, ‘Robots will one day enslave the human race.’ The perfect specimen of technology that captivates the previously stated qualities of the ideal robot is from the Italian Institute of Technology. These robots are known as the ICub, and excel at interacting with the human population safely. One of these robots, known as Molly, exists in Bristol, England (Honigsbaum). This small combination of metals, wires, and computer components actually helps the elderly with simple tasks that they would ordinarily need help with. In addition to helping the elderly, the ICub can also help clean the work space of individuals. Simon, an upper-body humanoid, assists in moving a variety of items and cleaning workspaces. This robot was developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and statistics state that, “Simon could tell with close to 80% accuracy whether someone was paying attention or ignoring him.” This proves that it is indeed possible to create helpful machines that can also interact with humans through the regulation and extra...

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