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WHAT IS ABSOLUTE TRUTHTruths are things that are considered correct by a society of people who have similar beliefs on most subjects. An absolute truth is a truth that is considered correct by everyone, no matter the race, religion, or sex of the person. Therefore the question that has been proposed is "Is there an absolute truth?" Philosophers of all different eras have attempted to find this answer. Most of the responses from these philosophers were that they feel there is no absolute truth.If you were to think about what is true to you and your country, and then compare what is true to African or European countries, they will not end up being absolutely true to all. For example a child who is growing up in New York City has many different truths or beliefs which will differ from a child growing up in Amsterdam. The child growing up in New York City is accustomed to many laws, strict governing, large city life; while the child in Amsterdam is accustomed to a slower tempo of life, a country who has no army and is peaceful, and is able to use marijuana and other drugs without breaking the law. Both situations have different truths to each other, but who can say either is wrong. Truth has to do with the surroundings and laws that are upheld to a certain community or populated group.Socrates, born 469 B.C, was a student who studied under Archelaus. There is no written work that can be found by Socrates, all that is known is what is written about him, also one of his student, Plato, expanded on Socrates' philosophies and ideas. Socrates was at one point studying finding an absolute truth and came to a conclusion: that no truth exists beyond personal experience.This holds true in everyday controversy not just between countries but also within countries. In the United Sates the Death Penalty is different from state to state; there are 38 states that use methods of the death penalty, and there are 12 states that are without it. Who is to say that using the death penalty as an acceptable punishment for murders and rapists is an absolute truth, the victim and there family? What could be true to the victims family is that death row is an acceptable punishment for the crime committed, however on the other hand to the Catholic religion capitol punishment is not an acceptable punishment, because no human has the right to take another's life, according to the Bible. In Korea there is a war between the North and the South which has actually split the country in two. The truths there between the two sides are also different, it is politics and different views on how the country should be ruled.David Hume, one of the most influencial western philosophers of time, wrote a major work called "A Treatise of Human Nature, Being an attempt to introduce the experimental method of reasoning into moral subjects" where he writes three volumes to the piece and the last volume is called "Of Morals". In this volume he briefly discusses how truth is found out and explained....

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907 words - 4 pages relativity. A simple comparison between absolute truth versus relativism can be found in the philosophical definitions of these terms cited earlier.To conclude, I must mention that these two arguments are polar opposites. No one should make a decision in an argument based on opinion without knowing all the options. In between these two arguments are other philosophies such as pragmatism and skepticism. The main arguments in this paper do not have a middle ground in which they agree; however, they do have a middle ground on which they both base their philosophies. This is the acceptance or denial of truth.

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1782 words - 7 pages of the philosopher. They help people find absolute truth by teaching the ignorant through rhetoric about absolute truth, or by helping people dust away the debris covering the absolute truth so that they can clearly see it. Regardless, Plato felt that rhetoric was vital to uncovering absolute truth, not by teaching people tricks to use to persuade people of probable truth, but by using rhetoric as a tool to uncover absolute truth.  &nbsp

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1638 words - 7 pages Socrates believed that absolute standards did exist for truth and justice. Also, on page 139, there is a chart that describes the similarities and differences of these three philosophers. This source will immensely help the paper because of its reliability and information. Another source that will be used for the research paper is focused in on a certain philosopher. That ‘lover of learning’ is Aristotle. Aristotle focused more on

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941 words - 4 pages admits to creating meanings, based on his life experiences and his personal psychology. Obviously, if one places his or her own, fictitious meanings unto a photograph, there can never be a single meaning or truth. But what about the meaning of the photograph itself, alone, without Berger’s private interpretation? This meaning, the absolute truth, remains hidden from all viewers because of their previous experiences, their life. Although the truth

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1105 words - 5 pages to region and legal information. From that we can see the truth has been controlled by authorized person and we are concerning about how reliable the truth in ethics. If the truths are not being exposed to public so the ‘real’ knowledge will remain anonymous. This will create ‘illegal’ knowledge and is it there are such things like that or just to hide from public. So, the discovery leads to invention. Does there absolute truth in

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