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Highschool in Morocco
Description: Education of children is valued around the world. Moroccan high schools demonstrate Morocco’s devotion to education. Students at the secondary level attend high school from 10th to 12th grade. When entering the 10th grade students choose vocational training, technical training or further secondary education. Students in the traditional secondary education participate in courses such as Arabic, Islamic studies, social sciences, French, a second foreign language, math, natural science and physical education. Students receive between 27 and 33 hours of weekly instruction depending on their field of study. America demonstrates a similar secondary education system in the sense that.
Comparison: In Morocco Secondary School is a three-year cycle beginning in 10th grade generally from the age fifteen to eighteen. Similar to America the school week for a Moroccan student is from Monday to Friday however Moroccans have a half day on Wednesday and Friday for religious practice. You wouldn’t find this in America because there is a clear separation of education and church. During the school day secondary students study multiple courses with an emphasis on the student’s path selection, vocational, technical or general education. Generally, these courses include Arabic, Islamic studies, social sciences, French, a second foreign language, math, natural science and physical education. America’s requires many of the...

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