Paper Airplane Test

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The purpose of flying paper airplanes was to see which plane would be the fastest and slowest out of 20 planes. The main purpose was to see which plane had the lowest velocity.

Table 1: Distances Flown (in meters) by 20 Paper Airplane Designs over 5 Test Flights
Design Names Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Flight 4 Flight 5 Average Dist.
Antelope 1.78 1.80 3.40 4.29 4.90 3.23
Catfish 4.17 3.94 3.56 2.46 2.34 3.29
Chestnut 5.28 3.94 8.43 3.71 2.84 4.84
Clipper 1.91 5.11 5.46 4.57 3.63 4.14
Elk 2.21 2.77 3.71 2.31 1.22 2.44
Galleon 3.13 3.30 5.16 4.29 2.16 3.61
Gazelle 8.94 4.45 2.59 2.92 3.05 4.39
Hickory 6.71 9.34 4.98 6.35 6.02 6.68
Ketch 2.31 4.11 2.79 3.05 3.30 3.11
Minnow 4.62 4.45 5.72 5.74 5.74 5.25
Oak 6.73 7.11 4.88 5.87 7.39 6.40
Pike 2.39 2.67 2.57 3.12 2.21 2.59
Redwood 6.05 4.88 3.71 6.65 7.67 5.79
Salmon 2.79 3.35 3.48 2.44 2.82 2.98
Sloop 4.39 5.79 3.33 5.08 3.28 4.37
Trireme 2.69 2.62 4.88 2.41 1.73 2.87
Trout 2.82 2.95 2.41 2.79 5.03 3.20
Wildebeest 2.21 3.20 2.54 1.57 3.45 2.59
Willow 4.50 6.68 5.41 6.05 5.44 5.62
Zebra 9.80 6.63 10.08 8.26 7.42 8.44

Ranked airplanes in alphabetical order from design names given from Greatest Paper Airplanes (KittyHawk, CD-ROM, 1995). (See table 1 above) Longest average distance measured is the Zebra at 8.44 meters; and the slowest average distance measured would be Elk at 2.44 meters.

Airplanes are ranked by average time aloft from .65 seconds to 2.59 seconds. The catfish plane had the shortest flight time of .65 seconds. While on...

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