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Paper Assignment #1 Within lyric 1445, the author conveys an interesting view of death. The following essay will provide an interpretive analysis of this lyric. Through the use of symbolism, metaphors, association amongst key words, and rhythm, the author signifies the passage of death. The main theme of this poem is the journey through life and eventually death. In the first two sentences, the author equates the journey of death to that of a dating relationship. The "supple Suitor" in the first sentence shows that death is at one's door gradually courting the person. The next two sentences, "It is a stealthy Wooing/ Conducted first" personifies a person who is eventually being ...view middle of the document...

The author uses many metaphors to symbolize death. The author begins his symbolism of death by calling it a "supple suitor," thereby giving it the characteristics of someone you love. Here, the author personifies death by giving it human characteristics. By using the word "supple," the author is trying to portray death as one who will forgive even if you have lived a life of sin. In the second line, the author uses the word "wins," which may symbolize the fact that death always wins. Death can overcome everything, and by doing so can creep in and out anytime it feels like. In the third and fourth lines, the author uses the words "stealthy Wooing" which means that death is good at its job and is slowly creeping in through the "door." This signifies that death is luring the person in question as one woos a woman or man he/she is interested in. In lines five and six, the author is painting a very faint picture. By using the words "pallid" and "dim," the author is creating a sense of darkness in describing death. Moreover, the author does not use the word "triumph" in the ninth sentence in its true meaning. Instead, I believe the author means to use it as form of conquest. For death to triumph does not only mean to win, because when death wins he takes all as a sort of conquest. The last word in the entire poem is the most important. "Porcelain" here may have a reference to heaven. Porcelain is pure and clean; therefore, as a familiar and wholesome place, the author intends to relate it to heaven. Also, one notices that certain words are capitalized. Within this poem, the capitalized words either stand for death or are a characteristic of it. For example the word "Suitor" represents death. It is death that does the "Wooing." It is also death that you hear through the "Bugles." Also, in lines three and nine, the word "It" refers to death. ...

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