Paper Called, The Human Embryo. Talks About All Of The Stages Of Pregnancy. Uses Several Sources To Explain The Changes That The Baby Goes Through.

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The Human EmbryoIn the United States alone there is an average of about four million people born every year ( In a normal pregnancy the human embryo goes through a very complicated process. During the nine months of pregnancy the embryo develops all the basic things, such as the heart, liver, and brain, that it needs to live in the outside world.A nine-month pregnancy is divided, by doctors, into three trimesters of equal length. During each trimester the baby goes through different developments and continues to grow. The first trimester is considered the time from conception to 13 weeks. Second trimester takes place from week 13 through week 29. The final trimester is week 29 through delivery, which is usually 38-40 weeks after conception.Throughout a woman's lifetime, from puberty to menopause, she will ovulate about 400 times. To conceive a baby, the woman's ovum must be fertilized within 24 hours of when it was released. This, however, does not mean the woman has to have sexual intercourse the day the ovum is released. Sperm can last several days inside the woman, so having intercourse even 4-5 days before ovulation can cause conception (Nilsson 31). Fertilization is the moment one sperm penetrates the ovum. At that same moment the DNA of the mother and father mix to form the genetic code for a brand a new human being ( sperm that penetrates the egg controls gender. Every female egg contains one X chromosome. Every sperm either contains one X or one Y chromosome. To be a male one X and one Y chromosome must be present. To be female two X-chromosomes are present. At the moment of conception the gender is decided. From that point on it can not change. All of the time there is 50% chance of getting a girl versus a boy baby. The number of X and Y chromosome sperms are equal (Nilsson 17).The moment of fertilization an adventure begins. Along with it, the first trimester of pregnancy. Twelve hours after fertilization the first cell division takes place. Over the next several days these cells continue to divide at intervals of 12-15 hours. On the third day the ovum travels out of the fallopian tube and into the uterus ( The tiny little cells, only about .15mm in length, now have the difficult task of attaching to the uterine wall. By the eighth or ninth day the ovum, now called a blastocyst, has successfully attached to the ever-thickening uterus wall, the endometrium. By this time the blastocyst contains about 400 cells. Once it attaches to the endometrium, the primary yolk sac forms. During the next few days the blastocyst divides twice daily. It will contain a couple of thousand cells by the 12th day (Nilsson 60-8).The beginning of the second week of pregnancy marks a new stage for the embryo. Every single day from this point on until the next few weeks is crucial to proper development in the embryo. The 14th day marks the collapse...

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