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Paper Consumption And Its Environmental Impacts In Indonesia

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These days, forests are very important in maintaining biodiversity. It provides lots of oxygen and takes a big role in our life as well. The tropical forests of the earth are nearly immeasurable riches such as they are home for many people, as well as uncountable animal and plant species (National Geographic, n.d.). Furthermore, they contribute to air circulation, maintaining water quality and global climate stability. In spite of providing many advantages, it also has many disadvantages such as people using the trees for furniture and cutting off the trees for making paper. Deforestation is happening because of the paper industry use the trees to produce the paper. Moreover, paper industry ...view middle of the document...

It is quite hard to change the people’s mindset for using papers because for some reasons paper is still important in our life. Each year, the world produces more than 300 million tons of paper. Indonesia annually consumes approximately more than ten million tons of copy paper (Paper on Web, 2011). These paper consumptions show that lots of trees had been disappeared and indicate that the demand of paper is increasing. In Indonesia and many countries, households sometimes they received lots of pieces of commercial advertisement or “junk mail” that wasted a lot of paper per year. It also proof of our paper addition is in our garbage cans and the “junk mail” is definitely increasing the paper consumption per year as well.
Meanwhile, natural forests are being destroyed because of the consumption of the paper is increasing. Most of the paper industries use natural resources for making paper. This is could be a huge and serious problem in the future. In Indonesia, more than 35 percent of the logged trees are used for paper (WWF Global, n.d.). Paper manufacturing also used and requires huge inputs of water, energy and chemical. Moreover, using the chemical is very risky to the environment, according to National Geographic (n.d. p.2) “The papermaking industry has also come under fire for its heavy use of chemicals like chlorine and chlorine compounds”. Equally important that we have to be aware of these chemicals that can produced chlorine dioxide pollution, the chemical that is very dangerous for our health. Paper industry also makes pollute the air and water. The wastewater from pulp and paper mills can cause death of aquatic organisms. This wastewater will affect the sea ecosystem functions and allow bioaccumulation of toxic compounds and impair the taste of downstream drinking water (National Geographic, n.d.). The pulp and paper mills impacts on freshwater and marine ecosystems near pulp mills, including causing serious damage to fisheries. The wastewater of pulp and paper mills pollution is already impacting Indian Ocean in Indonesia. These environmental problems have direct effects on human health, through impacts on...

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