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The article The Use of Video Games by Kindergartners in a Family Child Care Setting, by Chiara Bacigalupa, examines the role of video games in young children’s social development. Bacigalupa’s objective involves the lessons children should learn through social activities and experiences. In particular video games, and if they foster social skills, personalities to be friendly, helpful, and behaved, and healthy feelings such as confidence, and security. Previous studies revolve around older children with conflicting views on the topic. However, Bacigalupa aims to observe younger children directly in their ordinary child care environment.
The children were provided with 18 minutes of video game play where Bacigalupa observed the majority of the results found. She discovered that a significant amount of the six children’s attention was given to videogames. The kids would spend time thinking and discussing games and consequently, caused distractions during other types of play. Their distractions rose from watching others play, waiting their turns, and talking about the games’ outcome. When given the choice to play other games, the children typically would continue to huddle around the screen. Most children would consistently chose to watch others resulting in about two hours of being in front of the screen. If some children were playing pool or a board game, all it would take is for one child to get distracted and the game was dropped.
The methodology of this process is called a naturalistic observation. Bacigalupa did not alter the children’s environment nor did her presence influence the behavior of them. The setting was not in a laboratory but rather in the children’s daycare center that they go to daily. Bacigalupa observed the kindergarteners during 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. one time period per week throughout the time span of two months. The primary source of information was Bacigalupa’s notes that she took on children’s conversations (word for word on what was said). Additionally, she recorded dialogue with her tape recorder and took all of her data on a software and added more detail to them.
Although this type of methodology consists of benefits such as seeing real world behaviors with no constrictions on the children, it also displays setbacks. The lack of controls makes it hard to find a cause to behaviors. Furthermore, this study is subjective to the one who observed the children because Bacigalupa drew conclusions on what she saw. Her personal history and opinions of the subject could of impacted what she discovered. The chance of biased summaries should have readers take the information with stride as to be conscious to not take everything as facts.
Bacigalupa’s drew a conclusion that social development is hindered by video games especially when compared to other activities as well that parents should give children better alternatives. This is an extreme reflection on video games effects on young children, which has positive and...

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