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In “College Is a Waste of Time and Money,” written by Caroline Bird illustrates that college is not for everyone. There are many reasons that Bird lists so that readers and colleges can understand that tuition is never going to decrease. Bird uses diction, tone, sentence structures, locos, ethos, and pathos to prove that college students attend college hoping to get a better job and people who decide not to go to college do not want to waste their time and money.
First, a college student suffers from many financial problems because of the high cost of tuition and books. After reading Bird’s selection, I have found words such as “dismayed” and “overwhelmed” to help identify the author’s attitude. Throughout this reading, these words express that majority of college students felt lowly due to the loss of ambition towards professors or have reconsidered if they belong in a college. Given the diction, it helps portray the sense of tone that Bird expresses throughout her writing. An example is, "I am dismayed to … estimate that no more than 25 percent of their students are turned on by classwork.” Her tone in this writing sounds sarcastic and disappointed. Many people believe college is the next step after high school, however, that is not true according to Bird.
The sentence structures contain formal tones with the use of parallelism and antithesis. The reasons that Bird lists in her writing have all equal importance in supporting her main point. When she compares the differences of college for high school graduates and non-high school graduates there is more disagreements that college is useless. This comparison shows that college gives people a status determined by their chosen degree. The antithesis is effective in convincing the reader’s that college has good and bad effects relating to their students goals. The metaphor between college education and a college student’s time is compared to reaching a person’s goal. This comparison looks good on a resume, however, there are people who believe that a college education will not do them any good. Another style of syntax is hyperbole. In her writing a hyperbole is more exaggerated for example, “To make it more palatable, we fool ourselves into believing that...

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