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I thought the video lecture from Justin Gold on his company, personal beliefs to develop success in business and as an entrepreneur was really interesting and made me take a closer look at my leadership style, the culture I create and the culture in which I work. From Gold’s video although there were many “takeaways” that existed; however, I felt that the following are the ten that really resonated with me and important when leading an organization: 1. Passion 2. The value of a business plan 3.The Value of a Team 4. Mentoring 5. It is okay to make mistakes
6. Innovation 7. Balance 8. Takes A lot of Work 9. Long Term Thinking 10. You’ve got to do the work.
Why is passion so important for leading an organization? Passion is an integral part for a leader. In my opinion when a leader is passionate, it produces energy among the employees and your subordinates. Donald Trump said, “Without passion you don’t have energy, without energy you have nothing.” Additionally, passion allows a leader to share their vision, which in turn makes employees understand the importance and impact of their jobs, and want to contribute to the greater goal.
The Value of Business Plan
The value in a business plan is found not only within the financial forecast and within figures from previous years but it allows a leader to reflect and analyze their business or concept through a process. The development of a business plan allows the leader to look at the desired future of the organization and develop a road map, which will be used to accomplish the company’s desired goals.

The Value of a Team
First and foremost, a leader must understand that no individual has the ability to do every job; however, the purpose of building a team is take full advantage of the individual strengths, which at the same time will make the make individual weaknesses irrelevant. As a leader of an organization, you have to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, a leader must examine him or herself understand their shortcomings and hire individuals that are smarter than you are in particular areas.
The value of mentor or mentoring relationship within an organization bridges the gap between education and experience. Mentoring is important...

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