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AmnesiaAmnesia is typically defined as partial or total loss of memory. The occurrence of amnesia can arise at any age. Individuals who suffer from amnesia typically remain lucid and preserve their sense of self. Amnesiacs can obtain a perfectly normal appearance despite the amnesia. Moreover, they also have the capacity to read and comprehend words. Based on these facts, researchers have arrived at the conclusion that more than one area in the brain is used for storing facts.One type of amnesia is Anterograde Amnesia. Anterograde amnesia is defined as severe amnesia and causes superfluous difficulties for those suffering from it. Anterograde amnesia is when people find it extremely ...view middle of the document...

Retrograde amnesia is when people have a hard time retrieving memories that occurred before some type of brain damage transpired. Often times, people do not remember exact occurrences down to the last moment before brain damage took place. If the person experienced brain damage in their forties, they may have excellent memory of their childhood and young adulthood, but the years leading up to the brain damage will be "shady". If the person was married during these "shady" years they may not recall it. Currently, they have way of restoring memories that were lost through retrograde amnesia.Another type of amnesia is Korsakoff's psychosis. This is a type of memory loss that occurs due to alcohol abuse or malnutrition. The person's short term memories will often times be intact but they will have severe problems evoking long term memories. This tends to be a progressive disorder which is usually accompanied by neurological problems. Some of these problems might include uncoordinated movements and loss of feeling in the fingers and toes. If a person experiences these symptoms, it may be too late to stop drinking because the damage is already present and is usually irreversible.Another type of amnesia is traumatic amnesia. This type of amnesia is brain damage caused by a severe non-penetrative blow to the head. Traumatic amnesia can lead to anything from loss of consciousness for a few seconds to a coma. An additional form of amnesia is hysterical amnesia which is also known as fugue amnesia. This form of amnesia is linked to psychological trauma. It is usually temporary and can be triggered by a traumatic event that is difficult for the mind to deal with. Memory usually returns within a few days, but memory of the trauma may remain incomplete.A final form of amnesia is infantile/childhood amnesia. This kind of amnesia refers to a person's inability to remember events from their early childhood, typically the first five years of life. Freud says that this occurs because of sexual repression, but other psychologists say it is because it too painful to remember. Others though, say it is due to the lack of language developed or the fact that some areas of the brain linked to memory have not been fully developed yet. Another theory held by Anna Freud as to why we do not remember our childhood memories is because children and adults organize memories in different ways based on their brain's development. While still others believe that children begin remembering facts and events once they have accumulated enough to be able to relate experiences to each other.Another type of amnesia that is unusual but not uncommon is transient global amnesia or TGA for short. TGA is the sudden onset of forgetfulness and confusion. It usually occurs following physical exertion. During a severe attack the victim experiences total disorientation except for their own identity. This is combined with a mild form of retrograde amnesia which subsides when the attack is complete....

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