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Paper On An Advertisement That May Be Ethically Questionable

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Popular shows and ads try to lure audiences by showing sexually revealing images of women. Women in such commercials are portrayed as not women, but as sexual objects. Commercials that air during TRL routinely use women as objects in order to sell a product. Female bodies are used in order to sell specific products. (Grey, 2002)A controversial Brittany Spear's commercial is aired in during the TRL music hour. This specific commercial's goal is to sell Pepsi. Brittany Spears is a pop music singer who is recognized for her sexually revealing body. This commercial shows Spears as a sexual icon that is obviously attractive to all the men watching. The advertisers of this commercial know that Spear’s commercial/video has an emphasis her large chest and slim stomach. This strategy sells more than the Pepsi product. It first sells Spear’s body. Ads, such as these, show that girls are supposed to be an ideal body type. Even more, commercials like Spear’s show women to be objects for male pleasure. (Grey, 2002)Another commercial that sparked interest within this TRL hour was Venus female razor advertisement. This commercial used a method that appealed to the people watching (especially girls) that in order for them to feel like a goddess they had to shave their legs with this product. During the commercial I see nothing but legs.The legs shown are very attractive. There are women attached to these legs, but the audience never sees their faces. The numerous leggy and faceless bodies all look the same. Repeatedly the legs are shown in different positions. There is only the focus on...

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