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Paper, Plastic And Metal

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According to Pichtel (2005), unwanted materials in the recycled process can affect in a negative way the outcomes of the recycle process and can be hazardous to workers. In addition, some industries will not accept low levels of contamination and some other industries just remove foreign material. Contamination affects the quality and recyclability of products since unwanted materials can damage the products.

Recycled Paper- According to Pichtel (2005), “Paper products comprise by far the majority of the municipal solid waste stream-about 38% of U.S MSW" p.131. Contamination in recycled paper is terrible since financial issues could arise, since more money would need to be used in order to ...view middle of the document...

In order for plastics to be recycled they need to be sorted by type and by color sometimes. When plastics are contaminated, meaning that two materials are together and cannot be separated, it is hard to determine where to send the material for recycle. For example, if there is a water bottle and inside there is a aluminum foil paper, the plastic is contaminated since an unwanted material is there. Now, both of these materials would be need to be recycled either in the plastic recycle program or in the aluminum program since there is no method that separates them. When plastics are contaminated their quality is affected since unwanted materials are there and cause harm to the human health. Also, the additives and dyes in the plastics cause downcycling of many containers, which affects the quality of the new materials made. When it comes to recyclability, when materials are contaminated it is hard to know where to dispose this items, and this can cause more plastics to be produced. According to website of ecorewards "Because certain plastics have a harmful effect on each other when reprocessed, there are very tight tolerances on the % of contamination allowed.– Typically, no more than 2% of total contamination from non-plastic or plastic not identified in the grade is allowed per bale". It is important for people to know this, so they can know that contamination in plastic is low compared to other items, therefore making it hard to recycle them for...

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