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For the revision assignment I decided to revise my New Testament paper because I received my lowest grade on this paper. In my original paper Dr. Flaming made many suggestions on things that I should have done, such as: making my thoughts clearer, getting a true sense on what some of the verses mean, analyzing my text more, and focusing more on the writing and editing of my paper. I took all of her suggestions and comments into deep consideration when I was writing my revision. In the revised paper I made adjustments to my thesis, content, and really tried to work on my writing as a whole.
Before I began to write my revision paper, I went back and reread my passage of James ...view middle of the document...

Matthew and James were both speaking to a Jewish audience, which explained why both books used a lot of the Jewish traditions and concepts in their messages.
Finding these new connections and emailing Dr. Flaming, lead me to revise my thesis and in my paper I focus more on the parallel between the two books. With my new thesis, I had to go and do a close reading of each of my paragraphs to see if any of my old information fit with my new thesis. Even though most of my sources from my first paper still worked with my new thesis, I had to go and gather some more information. I had a paper meeting with Dr. Flaming and she gave me some more verses to look at to help make my ideas stronger. Also in the meeting she read a couple of my paragraphs and gave me some tips on how I could improve some of my ideas. With the new information I gathered, from doing more research, talking to Dr. Flaming, and the sources I was able to keep from my original paper I had to rewrite most of the paragraphs to connect them to my thesis.
I was not only was rewriting...

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