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Paper Review

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“Ahh,” Dee screamed.
The officer to her right turned. “Are you alright?”
Dee rubbed her right calf. “My calf locked up. I’m okay now.” She let out a sigh. “I just need water.”
“I’m sorry we don’t have any water,” the driver said. “Will you need any help getting out once we get you home?”
“I’ll be fine.” Dee’s head throbbed and her left cheekbone felt as though a grenade had exploded from inside. Her fingers brushed the top of her forehead “And I can use some aspirin.” Dee stretched her legs. They hadn’t felt this painful since college.
“Don’t worry. Miss. We’ll find your son, and I’m sure after a good night’s sleep, you’ll feel much better in the morning.”
“You’re ...view middle of the document...

All the cheek-turners lived for was the opportunity to compete just like the men. And all the bully had to do was snap a few pictures and those shots reached into their souls.
“We’re almost here, ma’am.”
The officer had broken her trance. She stared out, surprised, as the cruiser had slowed to a stop. There were at least six parked police cars surrounding her home. Their lights dazzled. Dee stepped from the car. There were two officers that greeted her. She felt like royalty under the protection of the Queen’s Guard. They escorted her to the door.
“You’re roommate, Brenda is inside, Miss. Your daughter is also under protection and is staying with your Brenda’s parents across the street. And the roommate’s father, your landlord, will be coming shortly. Shall we let him through?”
Dee looked up at the officer. He had a scar from cheekbone down to the left-side his jaw. Just like Frank’s but it was longer, and from the left-side. She walked past the officer, “Yes, that will be fine,” and stepped inside.
“My God,” Dee wailed, “Brenda. He’s dead. I can’t believe this is happening.” They rushed toward each other. “It’s Frank. I think he took Gregg. He’s responsible for the attacks this morning and he’s trying to kill me.”
“How do they know he’s behind everything?”
“All the bullets shot at the car this morning and tonight. They were meant for me. A large man with the same type of scar was seen in Gregg’s build. And the gym membership; the same gym where he used to work.” Dee wiped the tears from her face. “I just have to stay here and wait. Hopefully they can catch Frank, and find Gregg and Warren.”
“I heard about Warren from the two officers. They still haven’t found him?”
“I saw him shot.” Dee sat, closed her eyes and whimpered. “And then a horrible man took me. He spoke of terrible things his gang does to dead people. They’re monsters. I don’t want to speak of this anymore. I need some water and aspirin.”
“I’ll get it. Just sit there.”
Dee let out a sigh. She was tired and everything hurt from her head to her calves but she needed to do something. She was comforted to be back in familiar surroundings. The chess pieces had been picked up which meant Nikki wouldn’t put any in her mouth. From above the tray still hung from the shelf. Dee rose . . .
“Dee, sit back down.” Brenda handed her the water and aspirin. “What are you doing?”
Dee pointed. “I was getting the tray the tray.”
“I’ll get it. Just sit and relax.”
“Thank you for cleaning up.”
Brenda carried the tray away and shrugged. “It was nothing.”
“Was Nikki any trouble?”
Brenda yelled from the kitchen. “She was fine. She woke up and ran around the room for about 15 minutes then asked to go back to bed.” Brenda returned and plopped next to Dee. “I had to see mom and dad. So I carried her over.”
“I’d like to see her. But I just need a little sleep. She’s safe?”
“Yeah. Three officers have been over. They’re creepy but...

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