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Over time, the ways people communicate have evolved through technological innovations, which constantly seek to expand the amount of people interacting with each other.
Living, in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) era, everything else before the internet is considered tradition communication method.
With ICT, came social media which has epitomize the evolution of communication as it allowed millions of people around the world to connect with each other using social networking sites.
It is clear that social networking had change the way we communicate as it allowed us to multitask while interacting with each other, reach global masses but most of all without having to yield to the basic interpersonal communication.
Two popular SNS are Facebook, which has a user population of an estimated 1.4 billion and YouTube with 490 million.
A great example is the story of the Arab Spring whereby governments of Egypt and Tunisia, embroiled in civil unrest attempted to muzzle citizens from speaking out to the world. However, ICT and social networking allowed many protestors to film, photograph their plights, and unload it to Facebook, YouTube and to a lesser extent Twitter.
There veered far away from traditional communication as the global community did not have to received a phone call, letters or meet people face-to-face to understand what was taking place.
However, not all change is good, as studies have shown that social media weaken socialization because the ties created are weaker.
According to Paul Booth, an assistant professor of Media and Cinema Studies at DePaul University in Chicago, interacting on social media create weak ties because people do not feel personally connected as those meeting face to face.
“So while we’re communicating more, we may not necessarily be building relationships as strongly,” Booth says.

Academically, the use of social networks can be damaging to students as grammar and spelling used in sites such as Facebook and Twitter have changed. The Association of American...

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