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Death seems to be a very controversial topic for everyone, something that can be viewed quite negatively but also celebrated. Because none of us has experienced death and been able to share the truth afterwards, the idea of investigating different ways that poets describe death appealed to me the most. I read through all of the poems and found the two that were on completely different pages when it came to how death should be viewed and dealt with.
In William Woodsworth’s poem “A slumber did my spirit seal”, the poet seems to assume that death is something that you cannot feel, touch, or sense. The wording in the poem seemed to almost make the idea of death appealing to me. Woodsworth states that, “I had no human fears” and “she neither hears nor sees” this to mean seems peaceful and directly contrasted with Thomas’s poem “Do not go gentle into that good night” where he describes death as something that should be avoided at all costs. Thomas makes me feel like death is not peaceful and does not dull the senses, he makes it feel like death is an angry thing that although we know is necessary, should be something we run away from. In Thomas’s poem he uses the word rage eight times, really imprinting that word in my mind. He also uses words like tears, burn, grieved, and fierce. Thomas uses these crude words, in my opinion, to show the reader that death should not be viewed as something desired, but something that you should not give yourself away to. You should fight for your life until your last breath and not let it be a passive passing in the least.
The two poems are drastically different when it comes to the way they are written as well. Not only is William Woodsworth’s poem much shorter than Thomas’s, but Thomas’s poem seemed to remind me of a song. The last sentence in 1, 3, 5, and 6 of his stanzas is, “ Rage, rage against the dying of the light”. The last sentence in stanza 2 and 4 are also the same, “Do not go gentle into that good night”. It’s kind of like a chorus in a song, where they repeat the same message after a brief pause for the other parts of the song. It also really imprints those sentences into your brain, making me believe that these are the main points in the poem because they are important enough to repeat over and over again when reading. William Woodsworth’s, however, is not only shorter than the other poem, but has no words that seem similar or are repeated for impact throughout the stanzas. The only comparison seems to be where Woodsworth says, “The touch of earthly years” and “With rocks and...

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