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Pappas Chest Of Drawers Essay

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Lindsey R. Sims 11:00 MWF A lifetime of memories, once cherished, can be the reminiscing journey to death. Papa's Chest of Drawers is a very symbolical short story. The author portrays everything in an abstract and unusual way. The reader must focus and concentrate on what the author is really trying to get across. This story can be interpreted in many different ways. As for myself, I have concluded that the majority of the story was based on death and one mans experience of reaching it. While having "death" in my mind while reading the story, it put me in a bad mood, and was drawn more and more to the negative aspect of the story. For example, the man looking through the drawers describes everything in his father's chest in such detail, and seems very interested in the memories that the possessions have made. Although he seems to focus on all of the bad things, instead of the good. When describing the gloves found within the drawer, "These, too, had grown yellow and dry, had become lifeless from losing forever the warmth of the hands"(12), the man could have mentioned how he wished to see them on his mother again, or how he pictured how happy his parents were at his wedding, but he chose to bring out the bad things about the possessions in the drawer. When first reading that passage, the author mentioned "The tie was dead..."(13). I thought at first that his parents' marriage had failed and they no longer were in love with eachother, but as I read on I then realized that the mother had died from an illness. I also noticed that maybe the man favored his father over his mother, because he didn't seem so interested in looking in her drawer. He only looked in his father's. Due to his mother's death he pointed out that "Side by side with these lovely things that now had their day, were ugly, uninteresting, coarse objects"(25), this statement is expressing how their marriage was great, full of happiness, and now that she has died, it has withered away just like the "withered branch from the pear tree, which dried up"(21). The man very much thinks of deep sinister thoughts of death, "Imagining a human throat, cut from ear to ear in one fell swoop by a mad barber, with streams of crimson, shiny blood pouring from the open moon shaped wound"(26). Perhaps why he sees death so negative is because it has affected him personally due to his mothers death. The mother is a very big part in the beginning of this story.Although she may have passed away she still plays a role in how he perceives things due to her death. "In Mammas lacquered box, once a bright lemon color, but now faded, the magic picture of the Scythian steppes conjured up in my imagination with the sharp clack of the closing lid"(43). In my personal opinion it is representing her journey towards death. She once was a vibrant young lady but later, because of her illness, withered into something not...

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