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Parables To The Belief And Life Of Christians

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Parables to the Belief and Life of Christians

What is a Parable? In my coursework, I will establish the definition
of a Parable, Biblical quotes and references, and the reasons for
their use. I will establish these facts:

· The use of Parables in Luke’s Good News Gospel

· Examples of Parables that Jesus used

· My personal opinions on the subject of Parables

I will use several different sources of information to complete the
essay questions stated below. These sources include various Internet
websites; books and my teacher.

The following questions (below) on the subject of Parables will be
answered in this coursework:

A Describe from Luke’s Gospel, how Jesus presented his teachings
through Parables.

B Discuss the meaning and relevance of Parables to the belief and
life of Christians today.

C Are these Parables still relevant today?

(A) Describe from Luke’s Gospel, how Jesus presented his teachings
through Parables

The term ‘Parable’ was taken from the Greek word ‘Parabole’ meaning an
analogy or a comparison. However Jesus was not Greek, he was Jewish.
The word ‘Parable’ in Hebrew is translated as ‘Marshal’, which means
sayings, proverbs, similes, or close to an allegory. Both of these
definitions can also be referred to as ‘earthly stories with heavenly
meanings.’ It is made simple so the reader can have a greater
understanding of the story. A good example of an allegory is the
Parable of the Good Samaritan. Most Parables link into the Sermon on
the Mount, due to it’s morals including forgiveness.

Jesus used Parables to act as pictures to tell these Parables. He was
the main teacher of Parables. Parables have basic meanings, which
teach us how to live, as God wants us to. These Parables are
associated with everyday life, easy to understand and remember, and
were very effective in Jesus’ ministry. Both Preachers and Teachers
would use Parables as a way to explain the principle. A true Parable
would not be explained after being told, so the listeners were left to
think and discover the meanings for themselves. This is why they are
referred to as ‘hidden meanings’. In the New Testament, Jesus used
simple and short story Parables to exploit the hidden meanings behind

An ‘allegory’ is a representation of abstract ideas or principles by
characters, figures or events in narrative, dramatic, or pictorial
form. They can have more than one central point of teaching. The
hidden messages have to be decoded, which makes it more difficult to
understand than a true Parable.

A Parable had one central point of teaching in Jesus’ time and the
other characters and details make this point more clear and distinct.
The event and characters in a Parable are all realistic and are drawn
from everyday life.

Christ’s Parables can fall into:


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