Paradigm Case Study Introduction And Discussion

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Introduction.The purpose of this assignment is to introduce and describe a paradigm case while out on community placement at Medical Detox. Paradigm is described as a combination of beliefs, values, principles, laws, theoretical methodologies, application and instrumentation (Meleis, 1997). A paradigm is a particular view of the world containing the values and beliefs that influence the viewers' reality.Description of the paradigm case will be explored utilising Betty Neuman's - health care systems model. Neuman's model provides an organising framework for nurses and interdisciplinary team members to understand clients needs from a holistic viewpoint. The client is presented as a whole person, in a state of constant change and in reciprocal interaction with the environment (Pearson et al. 1996).Informed consent was given verbally and issues concerning confidentiality were discussed, this is maintained by giving respect to privileged information and respect to ones right to privacy. Accordingly, all names in this assignment have been changed to maintain confidentiality (Papalia et al. 1998).Paradigm Case StudyThe Medical Detoxification unit is an inpatient facility administered by the Regional Health Service. It is an eleven bed tertiary unit for people with alcohol and drug dependencies. To assist this process medical detoxification provides tools utilising harm minimisation philosophy. This philosophy encompasses harm reduction to the individual, family/whanau and the community, by helping the addicted person safely through withdrawal. It is developed from a holistic biopsychosocial framework, utilising a multidisciplinary approach to facilitate the clients' goal of achieving wellness as the individual sees it (RADS, policy document, 2000), (appendix I).Peter (pseudonym) is a 45-year-old caucasian male, builder by trade, who has been referred to medical detoxification for a controlled medical detoxification off methadone (Medical diagnosis of opiate dependence II). The referral was initiated via the Community alcohol detox services team (CADS).Peter has a substance use history spanning 28 years having first engaged in alcohol use at the age of 17 years, which Peter describes as "social use though heavy on weekends." At the age of 18 years Peter used marijuana daily, then experimented for 3 years with Lysergic acid diethyl amide (LSD). By the time Peter was 19 years he was snorting heroin on a regular basis. Peter detoxed without his knowledge whilst on a methadone program, referred to as 'blind countdown' at the age of 25 years. At this point Peter also became a father, having married several years earlier.Peter remained abstinent from drugs for twelve years before relapsing; though was using alcohol socially during this period. Around the age of 40 years, Peter re-entered a methadone maintenance treatment program remaining on methadone for 4 years, the last year of which Peter did a gradual detox, successfully completed in 1998.Peter remained...

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