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This paper will utilize cognitive behavioral theory to explain Deanna’s behaviors, the dynamics of therapeutic relationship between Deanna and me. The rational for using cognitive behavioral theory is to address other areas of Deanna’s life has helped to trigger her depression, which will result in managing her feelings of depression. This paper will discuss human diversity as it relates to the case and how gender issues have affected Deanna’s development role and present situation.
Deanna is a 20 year old African American female, who resides with her 2 year old son Don, and Courtney her boyfriend of two years in a two bedroom apartment in Brooklyn New York. Deanna who is also HIV+, was recently awarded custody of Don after he was placed in foster care for approximately 14 months due to allegations of neglect against her. Deanna and boyfriend are both unemployed and are supported through entitlement benefits that include Social Security and rent assistance. Deanna is enrolled in a GED program and the boyfriend works intermittently at odd jobs.
Deanna was generally well groomed and dressed appropriately for her age. She was able to express her needs and wants although she tends to be easily frustrated and angered, especially when she refuses to take up responsibility. She tends to become aggressive and verbally abusive towards others.
Deanna sought treatment for recurrent Major Depression Disorder without psychotic features and Dysthymia. She presented symptoms of depressed mood (sadness and tearfulness), loss of interest, hypersomnia, weight gain, fatigue and low self-esteem. She was very unhappy with herself and has attempted suicide two times in the past. She reported feelings of hopelessness and irritability. She also reported frequent arguments with her mother. She was mandated by the court to our agency as part of the judiciary process with regards to regaining custody of her son. The court has recommended for her home be monitored and that she receive related social services that aimed at ensuring that Don continues to grow and develop an appropriate age and in a safe environment. In addition, the court recommended Deanna needs to be engaged in ongoing therapy and treatment for her depression. It is the hope of the judicating judge that these additional supports, can enhance her ability to become a better parent.
At the time of Don’s birth, Deanna was living with her mother Helen (42 y/o) and three siblings age 16, 14 and 13. Don was born with HIV+ and at 4 month of age he was seroconverted (no longer HIV+) as family complied with his medical care. Shortly thereafter Deanna had a violent argument with some of her siblings during which things were thrown and broken in the apartment. Her mother who was in her own therapy for depression shared this incident with the therapist who in turn reported the case to ACS. This resulted with an ACS investigation and Don’s placement into foster care. Additional factors were...

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