Paradise A Descriptive Narrative Of A Painting Brought To Life.

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ParadisePhotography may be the ultimately more effective and logical alternative to drawingor painting, but more thought and feeling goes into a painting than a photograph. Photography is fairly simple in comparison to painting, which is the more complex task hands down. With photography, the composition is already completely arranged, but with a painting the objective is much more open to analysis by the artist. The artist has the ability to capture much more sensation, understanding, and significance in an event and apply this passionate ambition to his or her paintbrush when creating a masterpiece. When dealing with reality, I think although a photograph may represent an actual remembrance of a person, object, or situation, a painting created from scratch adds reality of the perception to equation. The artist may be able to emphasize certain aspects of the picture to illustrate the feeling or event to be more realistic. Reality is always open to a different observation and assessment by each and every individual. While frantically looking for a piece of art that caught my attention, the artist in this particular piece of painting that I stumbled upon used very subtle, but not light contrasting colors. The brushstrokes of the painter's brush made it feel as if the clear blue waters of the ocean were calmly moving, and as if the clouds were drifting in the sky. The artist helped me to vividly envision myself at that paradise by using these techniques.The beach is a beautiful place to relax and "reset" yourself, as you watch the bright deep-orange of the beautiful sparkling sand, or the clear radiant blue sky, not forgetting the gleaming teals and light blues of the calmly flowing waters. Take a soft warm blanket or the security of your significant other and imagine indulging yourself in sparkling cold strawberry wine, the sparkle of the crystal clear glasses. The sun shining down upon your face. the feeling of the warm sand beneath your feet. You walk forward and feel the refreshing water wet your legs and you are tickled as a school of tropical fish passes you by. You spot the palm trees and wild plants off the shore on a bed of sand that has risen as the water pressure has decreased.The formation of the palm trees upon the 3 banks of sand in the middle of the waters, makes you feel as if you are in the middle of nowhere on an island with palm trees, bright deep orange sanded beaches, and the cool breeze blowing on your back--no matter what the temperature is. Along the beaches are fantastic seashells. You can practically feel the wind...

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