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Paradise Lost Essay

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The book that I have chosen to write about is called Paradise Lost, which is an epic poem about Satan gaining power once again to take over Heaven, and to destroy God’s new world. The epic poem also conveys the struggles of God’s creation, mankind, with Satan’s sinful deeds, and the punishment that mankind has to go through for God’s forgiveness.
After reading Book 1 of Paradise Lost, which was about Satan starting to plot against God, I was impressed by Satan’s determination to make an attempt to take over Heaven once again, even though he and his followers were chained to the flaming lake, tortured, as their punishment from God. I admired the fallen angels’ determination to defeat God by ...view middle of the document...

I was also impressed by the genius plot of revenge by corrupting mankind to the point where they disobey God’s orders, when Beelzebulb tells them about a rumor about God creating a new world that will be inhabited by a race called Man. Satan volunteers himself to explore the new world in hopes of finding ways to corrupt mankind.
In Book 3, it explains that God and his Son were watching everything that was taking place in Hell. The author tells us that God can see the past, present, and the future, therefore, God knows what will happen, and accepts the fate that man will fail, of his own fault, because God gave him a free will, but without that free will, man wouldn’t be capable of love-- he will act out of love and mercy. The Son then offers to sacrifice himself for the salvation of the human race, and so that he will become mortal and God can yield to Death and conquer Hell. At this point, I’m enraged at God because if he’s so powerful and almighty, why can’t he bring salvation to mankind in an alternative way, other than sacrificing his Son and making him go through the struggles and tortures when he was Jesus Christ. Book 3 then transitions to Satan finally landing on Earth, looking around until he sees the Archangel Uriel, who he later deceives by changing himself into a cherub, pretending to be curious about the new world that God has created. Archangel Uriel is delighted by cherub’s curiosity and showed him the way to paradise, which is where Adam is living in.
Book 4 and 5 foreshadows the fate of Adam and Eve’s fall from grace, which involved Eve as the victim for corruption. Eve’s dream of herself following an angel and taking a fruit from the Forbidden Tree foreshadows that Eve will take the fruit of the Forbidden Tree and eat it, and Raphael warning Adam about Satan luring them into disobedience towards God foreshadows their fall. At this point, I’m interested in what Satan will be doing next since he got caught by the Gabriel the Archangel.
Book 6, 7, and 8 was mostly about an overview of what had happened before Adam was created, such as the creation of the new world, how Satan fell from the heavens and into hell because of his jealousy with God’s Son, and how everything was created. One topic that stood out from the rest for me was the description of Eve. Raphael described Eve a lesser value than Adam just because she’s beautiful on the outside, but less worthy than Adam on the inside, as well as her spirituality is weaker than his, and that her intellect is less developed and her vanity is a serious weakness. I didn’t like how it referred to the inequality gap between Adam and Eve. I think Adam is just as weak as Eve, since he’s naive enough to do anything for her even if it means disobeying God’s orders.
Book 9 is the initial start of the corruption of Adam and Eve. After eight days, Satan returns to Earth and disguises himself as a serpent. Satan is jealous of Adam and Eve for living in a beautiful world, regardless, he...

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