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Paradise Now Essay

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The Middle East is known for its ray of different conflicts. One that is most notable is the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, which has it, roots from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. The roots of the conflict can be link back to the earliest Zionist movement. During this movement, the Jews came to Palestine and started buying up land to build up their Jewish community. In 1947, the United Nations announce that there would be two separate states Israel and Palestine, in which this nor the Zionist movement set well with the Palestine Arabs, which lead up to the conflict between the two states. In addition to the conflict, the Palestine “terrorists” used a tactic known as ...view middle of the document...

In addition the film has a lot of symbolism attached to it, for example the meal they ate at the table, was to symbolize the last supper. The film won a Golden Globe award and is also nominated for an Oscar and Academy Award, but its nomination and the overall message of the film was not accepted by everyone.
Paradise now sparked a debate and lead to two different petitions that were formed. One of the petitions was against the movie because they believed the movie promoted suicide bombers and showed them as the victims. The people who signed this petition also did not want the movie to be nominated for an Oscar award for best foreign film ( page four). A counter petition was brought up stating, that the film was brought up to show the other side of the story from the point of view of the suffering Palestine. The goal of the film was to show how the Palestine felt about the Israeli occupation and how they felt, they had to deal with it. Those in favor of the movie believed it should be nominated for an Oscar (page8).
Abu-Assad film was an eye opening film. I do not agree with the people who signed the petition saying that the movie promoted the idea of suicide bombers. I believe Abu-Assad was just trying to show the whole side of the story, exsipically the part that is not seen in the news. The petition says that, “the movie tries to say that suicide murder is legimate when you feel you have exhausted all other means”. Yes, some people may interpret the movie like this but like the counter petition says the movie shows the other side of the story and allows those watching to interpret their own conclusions (page 7). Different people can see any movie, not just Paradise Now differently. The movie Paradise Now can affect people differently depending on if they have experienced the situation the movie tackles first hand or not. However, this experience and the feelings attached to it should not affect Abu-Assad ability to win an award. The overall goal of the film is to...

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