Parallel Narrative Style And Thematic Trait Of Pain Recovery

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Parallel narrative style has been used in these three films in order to relieve national, individual and identity pain, which will be further discussed in the following paragraphs.
The narrative structure of Love letter consists of two major parallel narrative clues: one is Hiroko and his current boyfriend Akiba, the other is female Itsuki’s past memory on male Itsuki in junior high school. The main medium is the ensuing correspondences between Hiroko and female Itsuki, the topic of which is based on the dead Itsuki-Hiroko’s fiancé. Through this intimate connection, two female protagonists manages to get relieved from their sufferings.
Male Itsuki is regarded as the incarnation of old good times. His death at the very beginning of the film alludes to the end of old good days, namely the sincere, pure and simple past in 1980s. As an invisible male protagonist, his death makes Hiroko get addicted to the past and avoid keeping moving on.
Hiroko plays a role of discoverer in this film. Having lost her beloved fiancé, Hiroko holds desire to know all his past. In this way, not only can she make her own yearning heart comfort, but she can also enable herself forever to be with her fiancé’s life together. Then she finds female Itsuki is undoubtedly the most appropriate person to gain more information on male Itsuki: they have been in the same class for three years, which naturally enable Hiroko to seize this life-saving straw, namely female Itsuki. Having accidently found herself avatar through constant correspondences, Hiroko’s dynamic of writing letters has dramatically transformed, from craving for talking to someone to investigating which position she has occupied in her fiancé’s heart. In the course of pursuing the truth, Hiroko has gradually weakened her mourning for fiancé, stepped away from his death shadow and embarked on her new life journey. In this way she manages to relieve her inner trauma.
Female Itsuki response to Hiroko can be regarded as a sort of "readme": her unforgettable memories in the middle school have already tightly associated with male Itsuki together both directly and indirectly. Her memories include on the first day of school, two stand out simultaneously answering the teacher’s call; when taking turns to be on duty, two names are juxtaposed on the blackboard; in the course of electing librarians, both suffer endless teasing from classmates; male Itsuki holds female Itsuki’s papers wrongly but pretends to check the answers carefully and delay time deliberately, so as to watch the female Itsuki to struggle to shake the handle charging and lighting for the bicycle….It is obvious that through female Itsuki’s perspective, male Itsuki is an introverted, unpleasant and weird person who seldom delivers his true feelings to others. What she does not find is that male Itsuki shows special favor to her: due to inability to express his love, only by behaving weirdly could he capture her attention.
These correspondences not only...

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