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Although Daoism and Hinduism are two completely separate religions with the former indigenous to China and the latter to India, both of them encompass striking similarities that undeniably make it seem that one influenced the other. However, no known relations between the two religions exist. Comparing the small, but contextually vital part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata known as Bhagavad Gita with the central text to Daoism, Tao Te Ching offers an unparalleled journey of knowledge and understanding. Tao Te Ching emphasizes the crucial concept of Dao, which is translated as the “Way” while Bhagavad Gita stresses the all-encompassing Brahman. Since no sufficient language can express the full meaning of Dao, the most suitable example that shows its operations is the movement of water (TTC 8). Water simply flows with unity with nature – it can transform itself into whatever form is needed to flow. Dao is essentially an indescribable eternal energy and origin of the entire universe. Fully arriving at the Dao is the main goal of Daoism. Similarly, Brahman is the ultimate end to everything in the universe. In the Bhagavad Gita, Brahman is described as the source from which all beings originate from and eventually return. The fundamental principle of both concepts is, therefore, one and the same. I will specifically focus on vital parts of the two concepts in order to illustrate the parallelism of the eventual goal of the Dao and the Brahman. The emphasis on action with no desire for the “fruit” of the action, Dao and Brahman’s inexpressible essence, and following one’s own duty in order to complement the movement of the universe. These concepts illustrate the similarity between Dao and Brahman and ultimately demonstrate that they are identical concepts.
Both Dao and Brahman are metaphysically consistent with one another, which is illustrated by the emphasis on performing an action with no desire for results. This is a consistent theme throughout the Bhagavad Gita as it stresses that our incentive to perform an action should not be to see the “fruits of the action” (BG 54). While Tao Te Ching explicitly states that one must do one’s work “without setting any store by it” (TTC 10). This brings us closer to understanding the similarity between the Dao and the Brahman – one must never perform an action for the purpose of the results of the action if one desires to lessen the distance to the Dao or the Brahman. We can directly relate these vital concepts to our daily lives. For example, a student in college has an upcoming exam. From the wisdom of the two texts, the student should do the best he or she can on the exam, and let go of the hunger to see desired results. This is simply because we are no power over the results (opens doors life), it is completely beyond us and is determined by different forces unseen to us. Once we are able to be indifferent to the fruits of our actions, we will get rid of sorrow and sadness that originates from disappointment...

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