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Parallels Between The Lives Of Jesus And Buddha, Done For A Comparative Religion Class

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Parallels between the lives of Jesus and BuddhaJesus and Buddha were some of the most influential figures in their times and their legacies have continued to influence the development of the world's religions. In this paper I will talk about the lives of Jesus and the Buddha. While Jesus grew up relatively poor and had to work, Buddha also known as Siddhartha Gautama grew up as the son of a wealthy land owner. I will also talk about the Similarities between there lives and messages. Both of them offered freedom from the harshness of this world and offered a world free from pain. Finally I will talk about the differences in there lives and there messages. While Jesus' path was one of worship and following God's rules, Buddha's message was about internal changes and focusing in on making your self better.The Lives of both Jesus and Buddha are shrouded in legend. Most people believe that Jesus grew up poor and was the son of a carpenter, as a child he learned from the wise Rabbi. It is said he spent a lot of time at the temple learning all he could. Not much of his growing up years is talked about in the bible. After being baptized by John the Baptist he became active in spreading the message of God. He went into the Desert and was tempted by Satan. He gathered the 12 disciples and journey from town to town spreading his message. He later sent these 12 disciples out to teach and spread his message. In the end of his life he was crucified on a cross. Three days later he is said to have come back to life and appeared to his 12 disciples. Buddha was born into the kshatriya caste of warrior/aristocrats. At age 29, after seeing the differences between the life of luxury he lived and the lives of the poor. he began living an ascetic life, learning from ascetic philosophers. Six years later he abandoned the ascetic life and concentrated on meditation and the "middle way". While meditating under a tree Buddha achieved enlightenment. For the remaining years of his life he traveled around central India teaching to an extremely diverse range of people, from nobles to street sweepers, including many adherents of rival philosophies and religions. He convinced many of them of the rightness of his path and this is how he gained many of his followers. After many years of life The Buddha died of food poisoning after accepting an offering from a poor peasant.There are many similarities between their Messages. Both of them taught a doctrine of do unto others as you wish them to do unto you, this is also known as the golden rule. Both Jesus...

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