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Paranormal Effects On People With Power

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The topic of paranormal phenomenon is an interesting one. People from all over the world who share their experiences are sometimes similar, but other times different. Anyone can have paranormal experiences, even people of authority. Such as, police officers, who work late night shifts former Presidents of the United States; like George Washington, who was shown visions of America’s future, Abraham Lincoln, who was saw visions of his own death, And George W. Bush, who claimed to have seen a ghost coming out of the Lincoln Bedroom in the White house. Many researchers of the paranormal believe that people who have these poltergeist experiences are mostly under some type of stress whether it ...view middle of the document...

While patrolling a small rural area, Steven C. and his partner received a call from dispatch saying to checkup on an elderly couple about a complaint of a man riding up and down the street with a horse and carriage near their home.
When Steven and his partner went to go check it out, the elderly man described hearing a man’s voice, and horses riding up and down the street almost every 20 to 30 minutes. He didn’t exactly see the man, or the horses but when he went outside the old man only saw the side of a carriage and a lamp. The two officers decided to go check out what the man was talking about. So they drove down the street for about a mile until they saw a headlights coming towards them. They joked about the lights being the carriage, and then noticed it speeding towards them, so they pulled to the side and put their sirens on, but the light didn’t slow down. As the figure got closer they started hearing horses and rattling wheels. When it came up the hill, Steven saw a very faint shimmering outline of a carriage what looked two horses, and atop it he saw an outline of a man. Both offices believed that the figure looked right at them as it passed then vanished. Steven’s partner even said he heard laughing when it passed them. The two officers were frightened and decided not to go back and tell the elderly what they saw because, it would scare them. They also agreed to keep it from their superiors. After some their experience with the super natural, Steven’s partner did some investigating, and ran an ad anonymously in the local paper and received calls and letters from people around the country saying that the street they were on when was haunted, by a phantom coach. One person said that the ghost is a highwayman trying to escape the authorities. That may be the reason they saw the ghost and Steven’s partner heard laughter when it passed them.
According to Stephen Wagner, this is an example of a residual haunting. Because the ghost was seen by the more than one person and the act is being replayed visually with sound on the same environment. After his experience, Steven who once never believed in spirits or ghosts, now has greater respect for the paranormal, and is now convinced he saw something, even though he doesn’t know exactly what he saw.
Many paranormal researchers say that poltergeist experiences are caused by high levels of stress. This makes sense for people of authority such as, police officers and presidents. For example, police officers have one of the highest suicide rates in the country, have high divorce rates, and mostly drink their problems away. Researchers believe that divorce and alcoholism rates as three main reasons of police suicide. Being president of the United States is also, considered one of the most stressful jobs. It has been proven that for every one year in office, the president ages two full years on average. For example, if you were to look at a picture of any president’s before and during office, you...

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