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Just like with any relationship, building a positive relationship
between parent and child is one that requires work and
effort to make it strong and successful. Maintaining close
relationships and effective communications helps to ensure parents and
children stay connected throughout their upbringing.
� � � �The context in which the relationships develop affect the nature of
the relationships. Some of the factors including financial
and emotional stress, social background and parent personality may
influence qualities of the parent-child relationships and
the impact of that relationship on the child's development. ...view middle of the document...

Such parents try to choose their
children's clothes, friends, hobbies, classes, and so on.
� In other words, many parents have specific ideas for how their teen
should spend his/her time and their teen's future. They
may have ideas for what kind of a career their teen should pursue, or
perhaps want their teen to follow in their footsteps in a
business they own. When the teen doesn't follow their advice or wishes
they may experience disappointment-and sometimes anger-because
their children fail to live up to their expectations. It can be
difficult for parents to accept teens as individuals who will have to
make their own decisions about how to live in the world.Parents who
reject their child for failing to follow their plans or parents
who reject some aspect of the adult child's life may find themselves
painfully alienated from their child.
�As children grow older they start to realize that they can never
grow into adults without assuming control of their lives.
Consequently, they begin to seek control. This struggle to adulthood
is scary and risky because they fear losing the most important thing
in their lives-the approval and love of their parents. At the same
time, parents feel rejected and hurt. They also feel anxious about
their teens'
ability to care for themselves.
�If becoming independent is the task of children, then the task of
parents must be to help their children reach
independence by allowing them to walk (and fall), to talk (and make
mistakes), and to slowly take control of their lives.

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