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Parent Interview Essay

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The mother reports having a normal pregnancy with no complications, and that her pregnancy was easy. This was the second child for the mother, who has another child who was five years old at the time. The mother also disclosed that at the time of the pregnancy she was in the process of separating from the child’s father and that this caused a moderate level of stress. At the time of the pregnancy the mother was also working full time as waitress in a local restaurant, the mother reports that her job required she be on her feet for a long period of times, but that she was able to work until around a week before her child was born. The mother reports that the child was born around two weeks early but that labor was easy and the child was born healthy.
The mother described the child as being a fussy infant who had trouble sleeping and would awake several times during the night. The mother also reports the child was also a fussy eater and she experienced trouble feeding her daughter during infancy and needed to switch her daughter to soy formula. Overall however the mother reported that he daughter was a happy infant who smiled often. The mother reported her child being alert and responded positively to family members who visited and enjoyed playing with her toys. In regards to development the mother reported that her daughter seemed to be developing slower then her first child who hit certain milestones earlier.
The mother reports remembering her daughter babbling and says she did not say her first words until much later on than her first child. She said that this was a concern for her that she discussed with her pediatrician who did not see any cause for alarm at the time. When the child did start talking the mother reports she was “very difficult to understand.” The mother reports her daughter developing on track in other areas, and that she crawled on time and even reports she started walking earlier than accepted.
The household is a single-family household consisting of the mother and older five-year-old daughter. The mother reported because she had to work all the time different family members and friends helped to care for the child through out the infancy. The mother reports that the child responded well to different people and family members and friends reported the child was easy to care for. The mother however reported that being a single mother was stressful.
At the time the child was a year and half old, the mother placed in family daycare center that was in a provider’s apartment. The provider also cared for four other children between the ages of one and three. The child was in the providers care from the age of one and half until she was three years when she started to attend a full day preschool program. The mother reported no concerns during this period of the time and stated that her daughter was an easy child who listened. She also reported that her child was curious and liked to explore many different things and that she...

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