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The Parent Trap The Parent Trap is a remake of the Walt Disney's 1961 classic. The movie is about twins that are separated at birth. When their parents divorce they decide to split everything down the middle, including the kids. The girls reunite at camp where they both are sent during the summer eleven years later. After finding out that they are twins, the girls come up with a brilliant idea to switch places in order to meet the parents they never knew. When the time is right, they will reveal their true identities, forcing the parents to reunite and switch them back.The parents reunite and end up remarrying. They all live happily ever after.This is a fairy tale if ever I"˜ve seen one. The movie is funny and cute. However, the movie isn't realistic. First, there are the parents that divorced and decide that each will take a child and there will be no further contact between them. How could a parent be willing to give up a child to an ex-spouse and agree to never see or attempt to contact the child in the future? What about the kids? How can someone make that type of arrangement and never think about how the kids will feel . Surely, the girls would want to know if they had a twin. The parents thought more about themselves then the well-being of the girls. Secondly, what real parent would send their child across the world to a camp in Maine if they stayed in California or London. Are there not camps closer to home? Third, this was supposed to be an all girls camp, however, there was a little boy present at the camp and stays the entire time. Forth, where is the supervision? Where are the camp directors when the girls are gambling and jumping in the lake nude. They weren't present when one of the twins put the other's furniture on top of the roof. How did kids get the furniture there? After the girls are reunited at the camp and find out that they have the same parents, they show no anger toward their parents for not telling them about one another. What are the odds that sisters would meet up at a camp thousands of miles away from home, carrying half a photo of the other parent. Then the twins decide to switch places when camp is over. They decide that they need to change their appearance to look more like one another. Considering that this is a children's film, I disagree with the idea that they have one of the twins cutting hair, piercing the others ears, and using a lighter. There is an effort made to show the girls are being sterile, Unfortunately, they use a lighter. How did they get a lighter? Some kids can get the wrong idea about this situation and think it is okay to cut hair and pierce their own ears.When the kids return to their new homes for the summer, the parents have no idea they don't have the same child as before. Even though the girls are identical twins, a parent should know their child on sight. Everyone else notices. When the mother find out the girl who has been staying with her for the...

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