Parental Disagreements Essay

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Disagreements can happen in a countless variety of places, the home being one of the most common for altercations. Every day at home, parents and their children can clash in arguments and fights. The main reason for this conflict lies in human selfishness, a difference in personal ideas or goalsetting, individual preferences in parts of daily life, or even issues about personal space.

Teenagers and their parents sometimes argue over aspects of life and what a child should be doing, at least according to the parents. The two parties can have trouble deciding over clothing and food that both the teen and his or her parents find suitable. For example, the mother and father may want their child to eat healthier foods such as vegetables. The child, however, may want to eat items not based on their nutrient values but on the food's taste; a popular food choice among teenagers would be junk food. Another aspect of selfish personal opinions impinging on day-to-day life can cause huge disagreements between kids and their peers. When shopping for clothing, kids may want the trendiest clothes. On the other hand, parents would probably choose outfits that would keep the teenagers warm in the cold weather. Clearly, different choices over clothing and food could affect the child's relationship with his or her parents.

Another part of everyday life which causes major conflict also relates to selfishness; both the parent and the child want their own way when it comes to opinions about habits. As a result of a difference in the interests of parents and their children, arguments occur. An instance would relate to the adjustment of a child's curfew. The teenager might prove their side of the study by stating that by his parents allowing him to extend his curfew, he could have a more exciting social life which can...

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