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Parental Guidance In Relation To Teen Substance Use

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Agreement between parent and adolescent substance use.
A study conducted by Neil B. McGillicuddy, Robert B. Rychtank, Elizabeth T. Morsheimer and one other examined agreements between parent and teen accounts on the teen's substance use in a group of parents with the concern and experience of problems as a result of their child's substance use.
A group of seventy five parents including their teens (76% not in treatment and the other 24% in treatment) were interviewed separately on the subject of the teen’s recent use of alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes, and other illicit drugs. Regardless of the teen's treatment status, fair-to-good similarities were found on the usage of cigarettes, alcohol ...view middle of the document...

Adolescent substance use with friends moderating and mediating effects of parental monitoring and peer activity contexts.
A study conducted by Jeff Kiesner, Francois Polulin and Thomas J. Dishion examined the idea of substance use with friends increasing the chances of an individual's substance use in the future in relation to parental monitoring and the inner workings of peer activities with the focus on the closeness of friends and the settings in which they spent most of their time.
A one year longitudinal study was conducted with 14-17 year of Italian and French Canadian descent. Participants were recruited in the eighth grade and assessed in the eighth grade. A total of 504 participants were invited to participate, only 303 took part.
Data analysis was conducted using multiple regression analysis and structural equation modeling. Parent rules and teen substance use was interceded by a teens substance use with friends. In addition, the connection between individual substance use and substance use with friends was noticeably higher when parent monitoring rules were low and the times spent with peers were primarily in settings lacking structure, such as the park or in the streets.
Findings emphasized the importance of parent’s use of rules to monitor and guide their children who are prone to use substances and the affect it has on lowering friends influence. (Kiesner, J., Poulin, F., & Dishion, T. J. (2010)
*Study gauges friends influence on substance use when a parents substance use may also be a factor.
*Teen/Parent relationships were mentioned in the monitoring but no relation was made to teen/parent relationship on an emotional level which may have an effect on reducing peer influence and possible affect the outcome.
*Study showed no focus on teen...

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