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Parenting Analysis Of Differing Styles

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There are three main styles of parenting widely accepted in the field of Psychology, which are authoritarian, permissive, and authoritative. A fourth style, uninvolved/neglectful, is also being more widely recognized. The likes of Erickson and Baumrind have long since contributed to research efforts on the effects of parenting styles on child development. With numerous factors influencing both the parents and the child’s response to the parenting style is can be difficult to assess the best style for an optimal positive outcome. Through a closer inspection of different parenting styles with Biblical consideration the conclusion of there being an awesomness style will later look at this ...view middle of the document...

Medical symptoms can be improved such as nutritional imbalance or vitamin and mineral deficiencies. However, environmental factors such as parental concern and involvement or poverty cannot be medically treated. Long term a child of an uninvolved parent is sorrowful, lonely, and tends to be immature. Further, they are at higher risk for abuse. These conclusions are seen in other countries besides the United States (Berger, 2011).
Permissive Parenting
Similarly, permissive parents have shown not to use physical punishment as a form of discipline. Of the three main parenting styles, permissive parents utilize the least amount of any disciplinary actions. Lack of discipline may be attributed to the parental view of low maturity in children. In spite of the belief of low maturity, the parents do not feel it is their responsibility to guide the developing children. Contrary to what some may believe permissive or indulgent parents are nurturing of their children. Parent to child communication is low despite child to parent communication being high.
Consequently, the children exhibit effects of permissive parenting into adulthood tapering sometime in middle to late adulthood. Prior to then they show lack of self- control, are emotionally immature, and display signs of unhappiness.
Authoritarian Parenting
Unlike the permissive style, authoritarian parenting is strict in discipline often physical, and holds a high expectation of maturity in children. Whereas the parent child relationship can be described as child –run in permissive parenting it is very much parent-focused in authoritarian. The parents have high expectations; expect no interference from the children (such as opinions or questioning of authority),...

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