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In a perfect world, every child would be wanted and loved, and all parents would have the capacity and the desire to raise children who are healthy, mentally and physically strong, and displaying high moral integrity. Sadly, this is not the case. Some parents are, unfortunately, not interested in what happens with their children. Other parents are not pleased with what is happening in the home with their children but do not know what to do to create effective change. Still other parents are unaware that there is another way, a better way, of parenting. Parent education could help in all of these scenarios.

Studies reviewed showing that positive parenting through parenting education is an intervention that improves the quality of the relationship that parents have with their children; as well as, improving their children’s social behavior. There are a number of other teaching programs that have been particularly effective when delivered to motivated parents. Motivated parents seem to be a key to success in education programs. There has been little study of the success of programs that serve as interventions aimed at preventing and stopping a wide range of antisocial behavior of children in their teens. There have however been assessments assessed though results of troubled teenagers and the risky lifestyles that have led them to get into trouble. These older children come from broken homes with poor parenting interaction. Risky lifestyles can be gang related activities, drugs/alcohol, and truancy).There seems to be a lack of satisfactory friendships, support systems or supervision in these children’s lives.

There are, of course, problems associated with delivery of parenting programs; the greatest challenge is getting parents to participate when there is no mandate that they do so. Skilled personnel may be another issue; urban areas may have sufficient counselors and educators, but rural areas may not. A final issue is the cost of parenting education, although “Programs can in theory be justified since in the long run they should reduce the high cost of antisocial behavior arising from increased use of services, higher levels of crime, and greater dependence of financial handouts.”(Scott, O’Connor, Furth, Mathias, Price, and Doolan in 2010.)

Despite the problems associated with delivery of the parenting education, they are nonetheless vital. For one thing, academic success has been tied to acceptable behavior in children and conformance to certain social norms. For another, BusinessWeek reported in 2010 that average American children and teens spend nearly eight hours a day consuming media. This includes watching television, surfing the Internet, and playing video games (Reinberg, 2010). Sales of smart phones recently topped sales of personal computers (PCs), making media accessibility even greater for all age groups, including those under eighteen. A study by the Kaiser Family Foundation determined that there appears to be a link...

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