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Parenting In The 21st Century Essay

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What the plan intends to accomplish
The main aim of this plan to ensure that all the stakeholders are actively involved in the education developed of the children. studies have proven beyond doubt that parents who get actively involved on the curriculum activities of their children makes the children perform exemplary both in the academic and extra activities. The school’s sole intention is to develop the child all round and hence the parents and the community must be involved fully for this to happen.
The aspect of the school establishing a contacts database of all the stakeholders involved with the affairs of the child’s education in the school and out is to boost communication between ...view middle of the document...

One goals of the plan is to ensure that the relationship between teachers and parents is maintained. This can only be possible through training of parents and the community on importance of their participation in the academic life of the children. This training will be conducted during the conferences that the school will be organizing within the semester. The conferences will have special guests who are experts in child education and thus will be addressing the parents and the communities on different ways they can be of help to the teachers in making the learning experience an efficient one. Educating parents on the importance of their participation on school life of their children propels the learning experiences to higher levels and now teachers have an easier work to this. This directly translates that teachers will now have enough time to teach efficiently and effectively. The results will be a well developed child who is more than ready to face the challenges brought forth by this century.
Volunteerism is a key ingredient into the training of the child. Through volunteerism, the community is given a chance to impact positively the lives of the young children. Many people today are where they are or who they are because somebody somewhere someday volunteered to come and influence them positively. Professionals like engineers, doctors, scientists, administrators among others are all invited to voluntarily come to the school and give their success story. This motivates both the children and the parents who are also much invited in such meetings. This effort is also aimed at ensuring that each child gets a mentor. Mentors are very important in developing somebody career wise. For example if a child’s dream is to be an engineer, through volunteer program, the child is may get attached to an engineer who can be motivating and nurturing the child into engineering filed. This will at the end of the day make the child grow to be a great engineer. The school also needs extra resources to make learning more comfortable and efficient. Thus, it will need volunteers to come and sponsor anything of their interest which is aimed at improving the quality of education to the child. The children also need to be nurtured spiritually and thus through volunteerism this is deemed to succeed.
The school exists in a place where there are other authorities. Precisely, the school has a goal of working closely with the education government agencies. This will ensure that the latest rollouts in the education sector are instituted soon after they have been approved by the government. The close ties between the authorities also aim at ensuring that the curriculum offered is the one approved and increases transparency and credibility. The government agencies will also be very handy in bringing members of the community into the school. These people are the same ones who turn out to be very useful in volunteer projects through co-sponsoring academic activities for...

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