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Parenting In This Rapidly Modernizing World.

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WHEN WILL PARETNS STOP BEING PARENTS???As John Rosemond said, "Parenting is not an intellectual endeavor. It does not emanate from the head. If it did, the smartest people would be the best parents, and I have never noticed that. Good parenting is a matter of how rooted you are in the steady soil of common sense. The heart and the guts are what make a good parent, not the head."Moral development occurs when children internalise what their parents teach them. Once they start growing up, they become a part of the socialisation process. And due to poor facility, fulty socialization, lack of love and care from parents, children especially during their teenage, take the wrong course. But I do not personally blame the children, as they are the growing buds, which will one-day blooms into beautiful, bright, colorful flowers. Parents as they have undergone the same phase of life once in their lives, should communicate with their children and listen to their problems and find a solution to it.Education alone does not make parents 'the best parents' because education only provides the knowledge and enlightenment theoretically, applying it in our day to day life is what matters the most. Both the parents are educated, have a good status in society, they pretend to be understanding and caring and visualise themselves as the "perfect parents" just because they have admitted their children to the best and expensive schools, have fulfilled their primary needs, and have even made their children function as they want them to be. But when it comes to the terms of knowing their daughters or sons through the feelings, how far have they achieved their aim?No wonder, children get alienated and when they sit down for the conversation with their parents they feel they had the most blatted conversation ever. Most of the time, problems arise when their daughter starts attending her teenage as seeing this age as a problem itself is not a problem. Many a time, parents misinterpret the term "opposite sex". This gender topic has gained fame due to parents overanalysing it. Just because the son or a daughter has a friend who is an opposite...

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