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Being a parent is quite possibly the most demanding and important job that anyone can have. Raising a child from infancy through to adulthood is a full time, life-long position for which there is no interview, instruction manual or training session. Parents today are expected to jump in to the deep end of the parenting pool and just know what to do from the start.It is our right to bear children whenever we want and parent them as we please. In spite of this, people wishing to become a parent through the adoption process apparently do not have the same right. These hopeful adoptive parents are forced to provide adoption agencies with proof of funds and proof of marital status, not to mention they are expected to endure a series of interviews and psychiatric evaluations. Once their results are accumulated, processed and considered, it may be 10 years or more before these people are given the right to be a parent. Through a grueling adoption process, they are proven to be the perfect parenting candidates before they are allowed to have a child.If some people are singled out and made to prove that they can be capable and responsible parents, then it is only fair and rational to suggest that the rest of us should be subjected to the same process also. You need a license to drive a car; you need a license to start a business. You need a license to own a dog, shoot a gun, fly a plane and in some places, you even need a license to catch a fish. While the specific conditions of one license will differ from another, there does seem to be a general rule. This rule is not exactly outlined specifically on each application form, however the purpose for obtaining a license in the first place is not only because it may be legally required, but also because it is necessary to prove in some way or another that the hopeful applicant is of sound mind and is able to ensure the general well-being of themselves and the object for which the license was obtained..2.With this general rule in mind, you could suggest that adoptive parents really have passed the tests necessary to obtain a license for their adopted child. On that note, it is unfair that only adoptive parents need to pass the parental test and obtain a license before they are granted their right to have a child. In my opinion, this type of injustice should not be overlooked. If the parents of an adopted child have gone through a process to prove that they can be responsible parents for that child, then it is only fair that the rest of us should have to go through a similar process so that all children are given the right to a stable upbringing.If people wishing to bear and raise children were legally required to obtain a license before doing so, it would be of great benefit. The rules and regulations for obtaining this license could be similar to the process that hopeful adoptive parents enter. This would provide enough information to suggest that the applicants were suitable parents. Some parental training...

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