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Parenting Style Essay

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Camila CooperUKDLP3134Assignment 2Complete Child Care Course Level 3Camila CooperUKDLP3134Complete Child Care Course Level 3Assignment 22.1. Explain how upbringing may influence parenting style.Life has changed from past to the present days in all aspects, family and education of children not far behind. Ligia Vanegas, a grandma 86 years old, told me: In the past to educate the children was easier. I had 12 children which couldn't have a this time. The values imparted in the family continue unchanged but the way of educating has taken a radical turn.I summarise this like that: In the past children were more obedient but had less freedom and communication, for that reason, education was easier, nowadays, parents have a greater responsibility with their children as they now have more freedom and communication is vital.Generally all parents want the same thing: the best for their children for that reason is a hard work because they didn't born with this ability. The parents have to inculcate this skill during their life because the society and the community has rules that the children must learn in order to be acceptable member of a social group."Parents are the first educators in their child's lives and they have an enormous responsibility in the initial years teaching them right from wrong and helping to understand how to become socially acceptable" (Lee, 2012, p.64)It is important to remember that quality time is the most important. If you feel guilty because you have to go to work, don't try to be relaxing with the rules to compensate your time away, take your time to be completed with your kid, quality time means "your child has your undivided attention for some part of the day" (Lee, 2012, p.65) the most important is use your time sensibly because how a child feels will result in how they behave.In order to raise a child their parents or adult have many ways to help him to develop self esteem and feel loved, value and trust. Encouraging the child, is the first way, although parents want perfect children must understand that they are human and part of being human is making mistakes, is also through mistakes or losing and you feel defeat teaches the child to try it and learn from the results. trial and mistakes are the best way to experience the good and the bad, so we as parents should not scold the child for the mistakes, but we must show them the way to reach the goal alone. Another way is providing consistent care, positive role models and providing the children with clear and consistent boundaries. "Children are unique for that reason parents, careers and teachers must be understood them in their uniqueness and their individuality" (UNICEF, 2001) the child needs role models to be positive children are sponges for learning through imitation. So if the parents work or one of them is not at home the most important is not the amount of...

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