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Parenting Style And Life Skills Development Essay

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A major question addressed by this study was whether parenting style influences late adolescence life-skills development. Results indicate that the parenting dimensions of responsiveness, demandingness and psychological control influence late adolescence life-skills development both positively and negatively.

Influence of Parental Responsiveness to Late Adolescent Life-Skills Development

Parental responsiveness was weakly correlated with identity development (r=.28) and moderately correlated with decision making skills (r=.50). No relationship was found between parental responsiveness and interpersonal skills (r=-0.15) and health maintenance skills (r=-0.08). ...view middle of the document...

In support of the current study are findings of Ansah, (2009) that found autonomy granting a characteristic of responsive parents to be a negative predictor of psychosocial competence among Kenyan adolescents. Lastly, the findings of the current study indicate that to some degree, parents can facilitate development of late adolescents’ decision making skills with parental warmth and nurturance.
Influence of Parental Demandingness to Late Adolescent Life-Skills Development

Parental demandingness (monitoring and limit setting) showed a strong negative correlation with life-skill subsets of identity development (r=-.71), decision-making (r=-.96) and interpersonal skills (r=-.71). However the study found a strong positive correlation between parental monitoring and limit setting and health maintenance skills (r=.92). Parental demandingness in many instances is associated with late adolescents who showed a mixture of positive and negative characteristics (Steinberg et al., 1994). The findings of the current study suggest that a parent who engages in setting limits and monitoring the adolescent’s activities facilitates positive development of health maintenance skills. Further, these findings support findings by Slicker (1998), which negatively linked parental monitoring and limit setting to health maintenance parameters like high-risk health behaviours, such as smoking, illicit drug use, alcohol use and sexual decisions. These findings indicate that whereas parental monitoring and limit setting might influence some subsets of life-skills development negatively, it may serve as a useful predictor for positive outcomes in late adolescents' health maintenance skills. Additionally, the findings of the present study are in agreement with studies by Barber and Olsen (1997) who suggests that extrinsic reinforcements and the overemphasis on obedience to authority undermines adolescents' perceptions of competence, self-reliance, self- esteem, and internal motivation to achieve.
Parental demandingness (parental maturity demands, supervision and discipline) indicate strong positive correlation with identity development skills (r=.80), health maintenance skills (r=.70), and a weak correlation with decision making skills (r=.27) while influencing interpersonal skills negatively (r=-.68). This finding supports (Macomb, 1991) findings that linked parental demandingness with adolescents who are obedient and competent, but rank lower in social competence. The weak association between maturity demands, supervision and discipline and decision making skills could be explained by the fact that demandingness is an aspect of directive parents. Directive parents have been found to raise adolescents who are attuned to external rules and standards, hence not independent in their thinking, consequently, not competent in decision making skills (Steinberg, 1999).
The findings of the current study indicate that, parents who make maturity demands, supervise and...

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